Researchers Hack Satoshi-Era Bitcoin Wallet (BTC) to Unlock Massive Fortune

  • Joe Grand, a prominent hardware hacker, has managed to gain access to a cryptocurrency wallet containing $3 million worth of Bitcoin.
  • Grand was contacted by a European crypto holder who had lost access to his Bitcoin due to a corrupted encrypted file.
  • “Cracking the RoboForm-generated password was more complicated since the European holder used a software wallet,” Grand stated.

Discover how Joe Grand, a renowned hardware hacker, successfully retrieved $3 million in Bitcoin from an inaccessible wallet, highlighting the complexities and triumphs of crypto security.

Joe Grand’s Remarkable Feat in Crypto Security

Joe Grand, also known as “Kingpin” in the hacker community, has once again demonstrated his exceptional skills by recovering $3 million worth of Bitcoin from an inaccessible wallet. The wallet’s owner, a European crypto holder, had been locked out of his fortune due to a corrupted encrypted file storing the wallet’s RoboForm-generated password. This incident underscores the critical importance of secure password management in the cryptocurrency space.

The Challenge of Cracking the RoboForm-Generated Password

Grand faced a significant challenge in this endeavor. The European holder’s software wallet, protected by a RoboForm-generated password, was deemed irretrievable by various cryptocurrency experts. The complexity was further compounded by the fact that the encrypted file storing the password had been corrupted. Despite these obstacles, Grand’s expertise and determination led him to team up with a German colleague to reverse engineer the specific version of RoboForm used for generating the lost password.

Previous Successes and Ethical Considerations

This is not the first time Joe Grand has successfully accessed a crypto wallet. In 2022, he managed to force a hardware wallet from Trezor to reveal its password. However, Grand typically declines such requests from cryptocurrency owners due to ethical considerations and the potential legal ramifications. His selective approach highlights the delicate balance between showcasing technical prowess and adhering to ethical standards in the hacking community.

The Technical Process and Breakthrough

The process of hacking the software wallet involved meticulous reverse engineering. Grand and his German friend discovered a major flaw in the specific version of RoboForm used by the wallet owner. This flaw made the password generation process not entirely random, allowing them to guess the password generated on a specific day. Although the wallet owner could not recall the exact day the password was created, Grand and his colleague managed to narrow down the correct time range, ultimately leading to the successful retrieval of the $3 million in Bitcoin.

The Holder’s Perspective and Future Outlook

The European crypto holder expressed a sense of relief and gratitude for Grand’s successful recovery of his Bitcoin. He noted that losing access to his wallet turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the value of Bitcoin has appreciated significantly since he initially acquired it in 2013. Now, with his fortune restored, he is optimistic about the future, eagerly anticipating Bitcoin’s potential to reach six-digit valuations.


Joe Grand’s latest achievement in recovering $3 million worth of Bitcoin from an inaccessible wallet underscores the intricate challenges and triumphs in the realm of cryptocurrency security. His expertise, combined with ethical considerations, sets a precedent for responsible hacking practices. As the value of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, the importance of secure password management and the potential for recovery in seemingly hopeless situations cannot be overstated. This incident serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets and the critical role of skilled professionals in safeguarding them.

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