Ripple’s XRP Faces Prolonged Legal Battle Despite Potential SEC Appeal Victory, Says Jeremy Hogan

  • Jeremy Hogan casts doubt on the SEC’s anticipated success in its appeal against Ripple.
  • The intricacies of the case could result in extended legal battles despite a potential SEC win.
  • Differing judicial opinions might hinder the SEC’s ability to push the Ripple ruling to higher courts.

Legal uncertainties overshadow the SEC’s apparent victory in their appeal against Ripple, with potential for prolonged litigation and diverse judicial opinions influencing the case’s progression.

SEC’s Challenging Path in Ripple Appeal

Jeremy Hogan, a well-known pro-XRP lawyer, recently voiced his skepticism regarding the SEC’s ability to secure a clear-cut victory in the ongoing legal battle with Ripple. Despite a potential favorable outcome in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Hogan suggests that the complexities of the case ensure that this is far from a decisive win.

Complex Case Dynamics

According to Hogan, the legal intricacies imply that even with a preliminary win, the case might return to the trial court for further examination. This situation underscores the non-finality of the SEC’s so-called victory, potentially leading to extended legal maneuvers and deeper factual analysis.

Mixed Judicial Interpretations

The situation is further complicated by contrasting judicial perspectives. For instance, Judge Analisa Torres’ July 2023 ruling recognized that XRP tokens are not securities when sold to retail investors. However, the same verdict found Ripple contravening federal securities laws in its institutional sales. This bifurcated judgment adds to the legal ambiguity surrounding the case.

Divergent Judicial Opinions

Former SEC Division Chief Kristina Littman hinted that the SEC might refrain from challenging the Ripple ruling in higher courts, potentially leaving Judge Torres’ decision as the prevailing standard. This reluctance is possibly due to other judicial opinions, such as U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff’s stance in the Terraform Labs case, which rejected similar arguments used by Judge Torres.

XRP’s Pursuit of Relief in SEC Case

Currently, the case is in the remedy stage, with Ripple pressing to minimize fines and penalties postulated by the SEC. This follows comments from SEC Chair Gary Gensler about the possibility of appealing Judge Torres’ ruling.

Significant Penalty Implications

Hogan has also critiqued the SEC’s proposed $2 billion fine against Ripple, arguing that it contradicts the agency’s core mission of investor protection. He emphasized that executing such a hefty fine would compel Ripple to sell significant quantities of XRP, adversely impacting retail investors by influencing the token’s market price.


As the legal entanglement between the SEC and Ripple continues to unfold, the case exemplifies the multifaceted challenges and diverse judicial interpretations inherent in crypto-related litigations. The outcome remains uncertain, with potential repercussions for both regulatory practices and market stakeholders. Readers should stay informed about ongoing developments to navigate the evolving legal landscape effectively.

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