Ripple (XRP) Official Exposes SEC’s Illegal Directive!

SEC v XRP - Ripple's legal team reacted strongly to the SEC's illegal guidance and inconsistent arguments.

Ripple Can Release 300 Million XRP Coins to the Market!

Ripple withdrew 1 billion XRP, then locked 700 million of it again. 300 million XRP can be released into the market!

Ripple (XRP) – Latest Update on SEC Lawsuit: SEC Encounters a Problem in the Lawsuit!

Ripple (XRP) executives are expecting a summary judgment soon - SEC has had a setback in court.

XRP Price Analysis: Current Status in Technical View!

As the summary decision in the Ripple and SEC case approaches, XRP traders remain undecided. Current support and resistance levels for XRP.

Ripple explains why it did not include XRP in the Liquidity Hub!

Ripple launched the Liquidity Hub to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and real money. The community reacted with criticism when XRP was not...

Reasons for Ripple XRP’s 5% Drop in the Morning Hours!

Ripple's XRP fell by 5% in the morning hours. This decline is based on Ripple's 55-month Escrow Project. Under the project, 1 billion...

XRP rises above its four-month range, bulls expect a rise above $0.5 for the cryptocurrency.

After months of sideways movement since November, Ripple [XRP] showed a strong breakout beyond significant resistance levels on Wednesday. This revealed a fact that supports the strong buyer sentiment behind the asset.

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