Rising Phishing Attacks Plague The Open Network (TON) Ecosystem, Experts Warn

  • The Open Network (TON) blockchain project, linked to Telegram, has experienced a significant number of attacks.
  • Security experts in the blockchain sector have flagged an increase in phishing operations within the TON ecosystem.
  • “There is an increasing number of phishing activities in the TON ecosystem,” stated Yu Xian, founder of blockchain security firm SlowMist.

An in-depth look into the escalating security challenges within the TON blockchain ecosystem and the implications for its users.

An Escalation in Phishing Attacks within the TON Ecosystem

The security posture of The Open Network (TON), a blockchain project associated with Telegram, has come under scrutiny with a rising wave of phishing attacks. According to Yu Xian, SlowMist’s founder, the TON ecosystem now faces frequent phishing attempts, targeting both decentralized application (dApp) and token users.

Detailed Insights into Phishing Strategies and User Vulnerabilities

Phishing attacks within the TON ecosystem are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These attacks often target users connected to popular TON-based dApps and projects such as Notcoin (NOT). Notcoin, notably, incentivizes users with rewards based on their activities, making it an attractive target for cybercriminals. The ease of communication with TON users through platforms like Telegram significantly contributes to their vulnerability.

Communication Channels and Security Risks

Yu Xian pointed out that the widespread use of Telegram makes it easy for fraudsters to connect with potential victims in the TON ecosystem. The recent introduction of Telegram’s anonymous phone number feature, which allows users to create accounts without a SIM card, has further complicated the security landscape. This feature facilitates the use of blockchain-based numbers for account creation, thereby offering an additional layer of anonymity that can be exploited by attackers.

Implications and Future Outlook for TON Security

The increasing frequency of attacks on the TON blockchain highlights the urgent need for enhanced security measures. Users must be vigilant and educated about the risks of connecting with unauthorized entities. For the TON ecosystem to thrive, collaborations between security experts and developers are essential to fend off malicious activities and protect user assets.


To secure the future of the TON blockchain, addressing the current security challenges is paramount. Strengthening protective measures and educating users about the threats can mitigate risks and build a more resilient ecosystem.

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