RIZZ Token Price Plummets 90% During Live Broadcast—A Sobering Reminder of Crypto Market Volatility

  • Cryptocurrency landscapes continue to surprise with unforeseen events.
  • Recently, an altcoin suffered a dramatic 90% drop during its founder’s live broadcast, an event rarely witnessed in financial markets.
  • This event highlights the inherent volatility and unpredictability associated with the crypto space.

Dive into the latest crypto turmoil as a new altcoin nosedives 90% during a live broadcast. Understand the triggers, major sellers, and critical takeaways for savvy investors.

The Dramatic Fall of RIZZ Token

Nicolas Vaiman, CEO of Bubblemaps, was discussing the newly-launched RIZZ Token during a live session on X, formerly known as Twitter. Unexpectedly, the token’s value plummeted sharply. Vaiman, along with the rest of the token team, observed the sudden crash in real-time, describing the experience as overwhelmingly brutal. The RIZZ Token, a new entrant on the Solana blockchain, had previously garnered an impressive $8 million volume in its initial week, making this plunge particularly notable. For cutting-edge updates on financial and business happenings, visit COINOTAG FINANCE.

Identifying the Sellers

During the broadcast, Bubblemaps analyzed the token’s ownership distribution, pointing out that large volumes were held by a handful of accounts. They revealed that around 80% of the token was concentrated within insider accounts. The primary sellers were early investors who secured their tokens at significantly low prices within the first minutes of its launch. Interestingly, Vaiman’s impromptu participation in the broadcast coincided with the price drop, as he detailed the token’s holding patterns.

Essential Learnings for Crypto Investors

– Scrutinize token ownership to avoid high concentration risks.
– Be wary of tokens with a significant portion controlled by the founding team.
– Verify the legitimacy and background of the project’s founder.
– Exercise caution during public announcements that could influence token prices.
– Conduct thorough research on the project and its developers’ track records.

Vaiman also expressed concerns about the authenticity of RIZZ’s founder, referred to as “Rick,” amidst allegations of potential authorization issues. He highlighted the surge in scams on the Solana network, where meme coins often experience rapid growth followed by steep declines, impacting uninformed investors adversely.


This incident underscores the critical importance of due diligence in the cryptocurrency realm. Investors should remain vigilant about token distributions, founding teams’ credibility, and the potential for market manipulation. The RIZZ Token case serves as a powerful reminder of the risks encompassing high-volatility investments and the need for thorough research to navigate the unpredictable waters of the crypto market.

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