Robinhood to Acquire Bitstamp in $200 Million Deal to Expand Global Crypto Presence

  • Robinhood, a renowned trading platform, has made headlines by sealing a deal to acquire the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.
  • This strategic acquisition is set to enhance Robinhood’s footprint within the global crypto market and allure institutional investors with diversified offerings.
  • Johann Kerbrat, General Manager of Robinhood Crypto, heralded the move as a significant expansion milestone, epitomizing Bitstamp’s resilience and robust reputation.

Robinhood’s pivotal acquisition of Bitstamp underscores its ambitious expansion within the cryptocurrency realm, set to finalize by mid-2025 pending regulatory approvals.

Robinhood Expands Its Crypto Horizons with Bitstamp Acquisition

Robinhood, a leader in the trading platform domain, has announced its decision to acquire Bitstamp, a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange. This $200 million all-cash transaction is expected to complete by mid-2025, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions. The acquisition aims to significantly extend Robinhood’s influence in the crypto sector worldwide and appeal to a broader range of institutional clients with innovative financial products.

Strategic Advisors and Financial Impact

Throughout this landmark transaction, Barclays Capital Inc. provided exclusive financial advisory services to Robinhood, while Galaxy Digital Partners LLC was the sole financial advisor for Bitstamp. This deal exemplifies how Robinhood is strategically positioning itself to counter regulatory challenges and leverage new opportunities within the cryptocurrency market. With Robinhood’s crypto revenues recently boasting a 40% year-over-year increase, this acquisition is poised to amplify its financial strengths.

Institutional Appeal and Client Integration

The merger will see a seamless integration of Bitstamp’s and Robinhood’s teams, combining their robust expertise and resources. This integration is a pivotal step towards achieving Robinhood’s strategic goals of broadening its global reach beyond the U.S. market and attracting institutional clients. Additionally, despite facing scrutiny from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over alleged securities law violations, Robinhood remains focused on expanding its crypto offerings, as evidenced by the recent launch of crypto trading services for European Union clients.

Bitstamp’s Resilience and Trust in Crypto Markets

Bitstamp’s longstanding presence and trustworthiness in the cryptocurrency market have been pivotal in its selection as a strategic partner. General Manager of Robinhood Crypto, Johann Kerbrat, remarked on Bitstamp’s proven resilience and robust reputation among retail and institutional investors alike. This acquisition reinforces how Robinhood plans to leverage Bitstamp’s established market position to foster a safer and more comprehensive customer experience across varied geographies.


This acquisition marks a significant step for Robinhood in its journey to dominate the cryptocurrency market. By acquiring Bitstamp, Robinhood aims to harness the strengths and trust built by Bitstamp over the years, expanding its influence and catering to a wider array of institutional clients. As the deal approaches finalization in 2025, Robinhood’s strategic focus on global expansion and enhanced customer experiences remains uncompromised, setting the stage for new growth opportunities within the volatile yet promising world of cryptocurrency.

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