SBINFT: Pioneering Japan’s NFT Market with Innovative Solutions for Creators and Companies

  • Japan’s largest NFT marketplace, SBINFT, is revolutionizing how creators and companies manage blockchain-based digital assets.
  • We sat down with Jangdeok Ko, the CEO of SBINFT, to discuss the current and future landscape of NFTs in Japan and beyond.
  • Ko shares insights on the challenges and opportunities within the NFT market and SBINFT’s strategy for empowering creators and staying ahead of the competition.

Discover how SBINFT is shaping the future of NFTs in Japan and globally by providing innovative platforms for creators and companies.

SBINFT’s Vision for the Future of the NFT Market

Web3 is garnering significant attention as an emerging economic sphere in Japan, viewed as a crucial element of the national strategy. NFTs, while intertwined with finance and art, also play a substantial role in IP segments such as anime and gaming. Despite this interest, the market remains in its formative stages with companies experimenting with various business models. SBINFT aims to foster a trustworthy trading environment, making NFTs a societal norm, following the ethos “Be the FIRST, Be the STANDARD.”

Empowering Creators through SBINFT Market

SBINFT Market optimizes its platform to cater to different types of NFTs, including gaming and art NFTs. With enhanced search functionalities and filters like genre and price, users can easily discover the NFTs they desire. Another significant challenge for creators is managing fan communities, typically involving multiple tools and complexities. SBINFT tackles this through “SBINFT Mits,” a marketing platform with eleven features designed to simplify community management for creators.

Navigating the Competitive Landscape

As blockchain games and PFP projects lose their fleeting hype, the focus shifts to real-world use cases for NFTs. This includes implementing NFTs in loyalty programs and memberships by well-established companies. While competition is emerging, the market is still nascent. Companies worldwide, including major game developers, are entering the blockchain space, and the key to success will be innovative business models beyond mere marketplace transactions. SBINFT leverages its robust visibility and trusted brand to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Strategic Positioning in the Gaming Industry

The advent of play-to-earn games has transformed game items into monetizable assets, appealing to a wide range of users including casual gamers and those aiming for financial returns. SBINFT positions itself at the forefront of this trend by optimizing its marketplace for the transactions that these games generate. This ensures that SBINFT Market captures the demand arising from users engaging in both gaming and investment activities.

Japan’s Leadership in Web3 and NFT Adoption

Collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors in Japan are critical for advancing Web3 technologies. Continued government support and legislation combined with practical business applications will drive the country’s success. SBINFT contributes by facilitating Web2 companies’ transition into Web3 through its robust platforms, such as the NFT marketplace “SBINFT Market” and the marketing tool “SBINFT Mits.” Through such initiatives, SBINFT supports the integration of traditional businesses into the new digital frontier.

Future Evolution of SBINFT Market

To enhance the rebranding of “SBINFT Market” for gaming users, SBINFT plans to introduce several user-experience improvements. The market aims to attract NFTs from new game titles both domestically and internationally, thereby capturing the growing transaction volumes in the gaming sector. Additionally, integrating Ponta points, a popular loyalty system, into the platform will enable users with no prior Web3 or NFT experience to engage with these technologies. This strategy is designed to increase user satisfaction and broaden the market’s reach.


In summary, SBINFT is committed to expanding the use cases of NFTs both within Japan and globally. By providing comprehensive tools and platforms, the company supports the seamless integration and liquidity of NFTs. The long-term vision includes forming a robust ecosystem characterized by deregulation, corporate embrace of NFTs, and user benefits, thereby positioning SBINFT at the pinnacle of the evolving NFT landscape.

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