Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burn Rate Soars 530% Amid Hints of Major Price Surge

  • The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency community is abuzz with optimism as key indicators hint at a potential surge.
  • Recent Shiba Inu transactions show a significant increase in token burns, suggesting a positive market movement.
  • Lucie, Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, has been engaging the community with prospects of entering a bullish stage, sparking hope among investors.

Explore the latest developments and insights into Shiba Inu’s market trajectory and burn rate surge with expert analysis.

Optimism on the Horizon for Shiba Inu

In a thought-provoking tweet, Lucie, the marketing lead at Shiba Inu, shared her outlook on the cryptocurrency’s market phase. Citing the “Wall Street Cheat Sheet,” Lucie speculated that SHIB is on the cusp of the “optimism” stage, a critical point in market cycles that often precedes a substantial price increase. This insight has stirred mixed reactions from the SHIB community, with some feeling hopeful and others skeptical.

Community Sentiment on Potential Price Surge

Lucie’s post included a detailed visualization of market psychology, highlighting stages such as disbelief, hope, and optimism. According to the shared diagram, once the market hits “optimism,” it follows with stages like “belief,” “thrill,” and “euphoria,” often characterized by further price increments. The community’s response has been varied, with a notable portion gearing up for what they hope will be a significant upward movement in SHIB’s value.

Current SHIB Price Action

In recent trading sessions, SHIB faced an 11% drop, generating a massive red hourly candle. However, since that decline, the asset has been moving sideways, confined within the $0.00001772 support and $0.00001891 resistance range. Investors and traders alike are watching closely to see if SHIB can break through the upper resistance level and confirm a bullish trend.

Remarkable Spike in SHIB Burns

Another key development for Shiba Inu is the remarkable increase in its burn rate. Over the past 24 hours, the burn rate skyrocketed by a staggering 530%, with 37,534,163 SHIB tokens sent to unspendable addresses. This significant burn effort is a combined result of individual and community-led initiatives designed to reduce supply and potentially drive up value.

Wallet Contributions to Burn Rate

Out of 13 total transactions, a single wallet was responsible for burning 15.8 million SHIB, making it a substantial contributor. In another notable transaction, a different wallet burned over 10 million SHIB. This collective effort showcases the community’s commitment to bolstering SHIB’s price by strategically reducing its circulating supply.


With growing optimism fuelled by both speculative sentiment and concrete data such as increased burn rates, Shiba Inu might be on the brink of a significant breakthrough. Whether SHIB will embark on a bullish trend remains to be seen, but the current indicators are paving the way for a potentially rewarding future for investors. The combined efforts of the SHIB community, along with strategic burns and market cycles, present a compelling narrative for the meme coin’s next move.

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