Shiba Inu (SHIB) Exec Confirms Massive Shibarium Airdrop: Key Details and What to Expect

  • Shiba Inu’s marketing chief, Lucie, has announced an upcoming airdrop on Shibarium, creating a buzz within the SHIB community.
  • This airdrop is presented as an opportunity to earn free tokens through community engagement and specific tasks.
  • Details of the Shibarium airdrop are yet to be officially revealed by K9 Finance.

Shiba Inu’s Lucie announces a major airdrop on Shibarium, offering free tokens for community engagement. Official details to follow soon.

Shiba Inu Team Gears Up To Offer Airdrop

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, Lucie, has set the SHIB community abuzz with the announcement of a massive airdrop on Shibarium. Lucie revealed some exciting details about the forthcoming airdrop. Moreover, she offered insights from an enlightening conversation with Buzz, the co-founder of K9 Finance, which is an official partnership project of Shibarium.

Starting off the post, Lucie praised Buzz as having an “incredible conversation” with him. She stated, “As usual, he continues to impress not only as an outstanding developer but also as someone whose word you can trust. In a field where reliability is a rare commodity, it’s a pleasure to highlight his integrity.”

Details of the Airdrop

This endorsement sets a positive tone for the forthcoming events on Shibarium. Moreover, it emphasizes the trustworthy nature of the developers involved in the ecosystem. Furthermore, the highlight of the post by Shiba Inu’s Lucie was the announcement of the airdrop, which she described as a chance to earn free tokens.

“You’ll be able to earn points simply by bridging to Shibarium, using Shibarium, and holding specific tokens like $LEASH and $Knine,” she wrote. This initiative aims to reward users for their engagement and loyalty to the Shibarium ecosystem. Moreover, the distribution of tokens will be based on participants’ holdings and activities, making it a highly anticipated event for the community.

Lucie further elaborated, “Free tokens will be distributed to everyone involved, with the amount depending on your holdings and activities.” Hence, this strategy will incentivize the Shiba Inu community to actively participate in the Shibarium network and promote the use of specific tokens. This could enhance community engagement.

Buzz Confirms Retroactive Airdrop

While sharing the ‘overarching’ idea, Lucie noted that the team will announce the final structure and details of the airdrop at a later date. “The official and final requirements will be announced in due time by K9 Finance,” the Shiba Inu lead mentioned. Furthermore, she underscored that the current information is just an “unofficial leak.”

Buzz confirmed the update, stating, “Yes indeed K9 DAO will be conducting a retroactive airdrop.” The actions that will determine rewards include the ‘holdings length of time, bridging to Shibarium, testing K9 on testnet, staking KNINE, using DApps on Shibarium.’ Hence, it’ll be a “retroactive” airdrop.

SHIB & KNINE Price Today

The Shiba Inu coin witnessed a slight rebound as most of the top cryptocurrencies recovered. At press time, the SHIB price was up by 1.12% to $0.00002465 on Saturday, May 25 with a market cap of $14.52 billion. On the contrary, the SHIB 24-hour trading volume plunged 38% to $530.95 million.

However, despite the recovery, the Shiba Inu price still traded below the crucial resistance level of $0.000025. Nonetheless, the SHIB open interest soared 3.24% to $80.67 million, according to Coinglass. Shiba Inu also noted significant long liquidations, suggesting a forthcoming bearish turn.

On the flip side, the KNINE price dropped 3.76% to $0.00002543 despite the airdrop announcement. However, the K9 Finance crypto initially witnessed gains due to optimism around the airdrop. Nevertheless, the profits were short-lived and it extended into the red shortly after.


Shiba Inu’s announcement of an upcoming airdrop on Shibarium has generated significant excitement within the community. With the promise of free tokens for community engagement and specific tasks, this initiative aims to boost participation and loyalty within the Shibarium ecosystem. While official details are still pending, the anticipation is palpable, and the community eagerly awaits further announcements from K9 Finance. As the SHIB and KNINE prices react to these developments, the crypto world watches closely for the next big move.

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