Solana Emerges as Prime Candidate for Next Crypto ETF Amid Political Shifts and Market Pressure

  • The intersection of the 2024 US elections and the cryptocurrency market is becoming more pronounced as pivotal decisions loom.
  • The approval landscape for crypto ETFs is expanding, speculating significant moves for alternative coins like Solana.
  • The SEC’s recent nod to the Ethereum ETF represents a landmark shift and fuels expectations for further ETF authorizations.

As anticipation builds around cryptocurrency ETFs amid the approaching 2024 US elections, major developments for altcoins like Solana could be on the horizon.

Potential for a Solana ETF

Market participants are increasingly optimistic about the introduction of a Solana ETF following the SEC’s approval of Ethereum ETFs. Solana’s strong market presence and institutional backing have positioned it as the next likely candidate for ETF approval.

Notably, Cathie Wood, the CEO of ARK Invest, has highlighted the increasing demands from key financial players advocating for new ETF options, with Solana being a focal point of these discussions.

Furthermore, Franklin Templeton, managing significant assets, has underscored Solana’s rapid growth, hinting at potential ETF developments.

“We view Solana as a robust use case for decentralized blockchains that diminish information asymmetry, inspired by Anatoly’s vision of a unified atomic state machine. The activity in Solana during Q4 2023, including DePIN, DeFi, Meme Coins, NFTs, and Firedancer, has been impressive,” noted Franklin Templeton.

Additionally, CoinShares reports an increasing influx of investments in Solana from hedge funds and asset managers, signifying robust market interest.

Political Influences on ETF Approvals

The political terrain, particularly in light of former President Donald Trump’s comments on cryptocurrencies, could greatly impact the ETF approval process. Eric Balchunas, an ETF analyst at Bloomberg, proposed that a Trump administration could pave the way for more crypto-friendly policies.

Trump has hinted at the possibility of appointing a new SEC chairman who might be favorable to cryptocurrency innovations should he win the 2024 presidential race.

“If Trump wins, I think we could see other coins as ETFs,” remarked Balchunas, suggesting a potential surge in applications from ETF providers if Trump’s influence extends to regulatory appointments.


Overall, the SEC’s recent approval of spot Ethereum ETFs is seen as a stepping stone towards the introduction of altcoin ETFs, with Solana at the forefront. With substantial support from financial heavyweights and mounting political pressures, the path for new crypto ETFs seems promising. A Trump victory could catalyze these developments, potentially reshaping the ETF landscape and enhancing market accessibility for traders and investors.

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