Solana NFT Boom: 125% Surge in Buyers Amid SOL Price Dip

  • Solana’s NFT market has seen a remarkable surge in buyer activity, surpassing 125% growth recently.
  • Key market indicators suggest a potential price uptick for the SOL token despite current bearish trends.
  • A noteworthy highlight is the significant increase in both NFT buyers and sellers, showcasing robust market engagement.

Discover the latest developments in Solana’s NFT ecosystem and the factors influencing SOL’s market trajectory in our comprehensive analysis.

Impressive Growth in Solana’s NFT Market

Solana has made significant strides in its NFT ecosystem, evidenced by recent data shared by SolanaFloor, a well-known industry resource. According to their report, Solana’s NFT trading volume has crossed the $100k threshold in the past week alone.

Further scrutiny of CRYPTOSLAM’s figures highlights that the number of NFT buyers on Solana’s blockchain spiked by more than 125%, suggesting heightened market interest.

Correspondingly, the count of NFT sellers also saw a substantial rise, exceeding 66% over the same period, with MadLads emerging as the week’s leading SOL NFT collection, followed by Famous Fox Federation and STEPN.

Despite these impressive metrics, it’s notable that there was a slight decline in the overall NFT sales volume, dropping over 4%. Additionally, Santiment data indicates a decrease in NFT trade counts for SOL last week.

SOL Token Under Bearish Pressure

While Solana’s NFT sector showcases growth, the SOL token itself has faced downward price pressure. Data from CoinMarketCap reveals a near 10% price drop for SOL over the past week. At the time of reporting, SOL’s price stood around $137.34, maintaining its market cap above $62 billion and positioning it as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency.

This price decline has resulted in adverse social sentiment, with a significant dip in the Weighted Sentiment Index, indicating prevalent bearish market sentiment.

Potential for Price Reversal

Despite the current bearish outlook, there are indicators suggesting a potential price recovery.’s data points to a “fear” phase in the market, with the fear and greed index sitting at 30%. Historically, such levels have preceded price rebounds.

Technical analysis of SOL’s daily chart reveals that the token recently touched the lower band of the Bollinger Bands, historically a precursor to a price increase. Moreover, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has shown an uptick, suggesting a possible bullish reversal.

Should this upward trend materialize, SOL could potentially aim for targets in the $162 range, with further momentum possibly driving it towards $186.


In conclusion, while the Solana NFT market demonstrates strong growth and increasing engagement, the SOL token is currently navigating bearish conditions. However, market indicators point towards a possible reversal, potentially paving the way for future price recovery. Investors and market watchers should closely monitor these developments to make informed decisions.

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