ZRO Token Plummets After LayerZero’s Controversial ‘Proof-of-Donation’ Airdrop

  • The crypto community faces another wave of controversy following the latest airdrop announcement from LayerZero.
  • LayerZero unveils its new ‘Proof-of-Donation’ mechanism, sparking widespread backlash.
  • Concerns over token distribution and the associated donation requirement have led to a significant drop in the ZRO token’s value.

LayerZero’s latest airdrop controversy: What you need to know about the ‘Proof-of-Donation’ mechanism and resulting market impacts.

LayerZero’s Token Airdrop Sparks Controversy

LayerZero’s recent announcement of the ZRO Token launch, including an airdrop for its community, has generated significant buzz within the crypto space. Co-founder and CEO Bryan Pellegrino disclosed details about the token’s distribution, revealing that 23.8% of the total 1 billion ZRO tokens would be allocated to the community. Of this, 8.5% were set to be distributed on the first day, with the remainder released over a span of 36 months.

Prior to the airdrop, the protocol introduced an anti-Sybil mechanism to curb fraudulent claims. This included a self-reporting system and a bounty hunter program. Despite these measures, the community expressed dissatisfaction, citing disproportionate token allocations and insufficient first-day distributions as primary concerns.

Community Backlash and Comparisons to zkSync

Despite meticulous planning, some users reported receiving fewer tokens than anticipated. One user, in particular, noted receiving a mere 39.28 ZRO tokens despite being a top 0.13% user. This led to comparisons with the zkSync airdrop, which also faced criticism for its token allocation and anti-Sybil arrangements.

The backlash intensified when the LayerZero Foundation announced the ‘Proof-of-Donation’ mechanism for claiming ZRO tokens. This required a $0.1 donation per token, prompting many to view it as a hidden fee rather than a contribution. The community’s reaction ranged from skepticism to outright disapproval, with some labeling it a “Pay to Claim” airdrop.

Debate Over ‘Proof-of-Donation’

The ‘Proof-of-Donation’ mechanism, announced shortly before the airdrop, was designed to fund Ethereum’s development through the Protocol Guild. The LayerZero Foundation projected donations could reach $18.5 million, with a pledge to match up to $10 million. Critics, however, saw this mandatory donation as unfair, claiming it was an additional cost disguised as support for development efforts.

Impact on ZRO Token Value

Following the announcement, the ZRO token’s price plummeted, going from $4.79 to $3.39 within four hours, marking a 22% drop. The precipitous decline highlights the market’s negative reception and the broader implications of community trust in token distributions.

In response to the criticism, Bryan Pellegrino took to social media, emphasizing that participation in the donation mechanism was entirely voluntary. He reiterated that while the tokens were offered to the community, they were not entitlements.


The controversial ‘Proof-of-Donation’ approach to LayerZero’s ZRO token airdrop has highlighted significant challenges in community engagement and perception. While intended to support Ethereum developers, the mechanism has been seen by many as a hidden fee, impacting both investor sentiment and token value. As the crypto market continues to evolve, the importance of transparent and fair distribution strategies remains paramount.

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