Solo Miner Strikes Digital Gold: Secures Entire $3.125 BTC from Single Bitcoin (BTC) Block

  • The Bitcoin mining sector has seen a significant development as a solo miner managed to secure the entire block reward of 3.125 BTC along with additional fee rewards.
  • This solo Bitcoin miner recently achieved a reward of over $203,000 from a single block.
  • This incident marked the 283rd such occurrence where a solo miner bags the entire block reward.

A solo Bitcoin miner recently hit the jackpot, securing a block reward worth over $203,000. This marks the 283rd time a solo miner has achieved this feat, highlighting the potential profitability of Bitcoin mining.

Solo Miner Strikes Bitcoin Gold

In a remarkable display of luck and precision, a solo miner has recently struck a digital goldmine within the vast landscape of Bitcoin (BTC) mining. Thomas Fahrer, co-founder of Apollo, a portal for tracking Bitcoin statistics, disclosed the extraordinary event. The solo miner, known as Solo CK, managed to secure block rewards of a whopping 3.319 BTC, including transaction fee rewards.

Bitcoin Mining Rewards and Halving Events

The fourth Bitcoin Halving event that concluded on April 19, 2024, reduced the Bitcoin mining block rewards to 3.125 BTC from 6.25 BTC. Hence, the above-mentioned two instances mark the only cases of an individual miner mining the entire block after the latest Halving. The 843,231 Bitcoin block boasted an impressive health rating of 99.67%, showcasing the efficiency and reliability of the mining operation.

Impact of Halving on BTC Hashprice

Following the fourth Halving event on the Bitcoin network, an essential metric shedding light on the profitability of BTC mining has hit an unprecedented low. The hashprice, termed by Luxor, plunged to a record low of $48.47 on Sunday, May 12. This significant drop in the hashprice comes shortly after the recent Bitcoin Halving on April 19. This event, occurring approximately every four years, saw a halving of the reward for miners, thereby decreasing the incentives for securing the network.


The recent developments in the Bitcoin mining sector highlight the potential profitability and challenges faced by miners. While the achievement of the solo miner showcases the potential rewards, the drop in hashprice following the Halving event underscores the increased operational expenses and diminished revenue streams faced by miners. As the Bitcoin network continues to evolve, these dynamics will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Bitcoin mining.

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