Spot Bitcoin ETFs Experience 7 Days of Outflows Amid Price Decline

  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs experienced a significant trend reversal as the market sees continuous outflows.
  • This persistent decline in ETF funds mirrors the recent drop in Bitcoin prices.
  • Analysts suggest that institutional sell-offs and miner liquidations may be the underlying causes of these outflows.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs witness a challenging week, recording $1.2 billion in outflows amidst Bitcoin price decline.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Suffer Outflows for Seven Consecutive Days

Recent data from Coinglass indicates that Spot Bitcoin ETFs have entered a tumultuous phase, marking their seventh day of consistent outflows. These daily outflows have averaged around $100 million, culminating in an approximate total of $1.2 billion being withdrawn.

This isn’t an isolated incident; a similar trend was observed between April and May 2024. During that period, Spot Bitcoin ETFs experienced a more severe outflow, with the highest single-day outflow of $563.7 million reported on May 1.

Historical Context and Future Projections

Previous instances of such outflows might offer insights into future trends. Post the seven-day outflow streak in May, ETFs saw a brief recovery with two days of inflows, followed by another dip. Notably, from May 13 onward, inflows surged, marking a record-setting 19 consecutive days of capital entering the funds.

If historical patterns hold, the current slump could be a precursor to significant inflows, especially with the current uptick in Bitcoin’s price stability. Such inflows would likely push up demand and lead to price appreciation.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Short-Term vs Long-Term Outlook

As of now, Bitcoin’s price remains above the crucial 200-day moving average of $50,613, indicating long-term bullish sentiment. However, short-term indicators paint a less optimistic picture. Bitcoin has recently fallen below its 50-day and 100-day moving averages, which are critical for short- to mid-term performance, standing at $65,403 and $63,928 respectively.

Daily Chart Insights

Despite the recent setbacks, the daily trading volume for Bitcoin has surged by 35%, indicating renewed buying interest. The price has also bounced back above the $61,000 resistance level, showing potential for a short-term recovery.


The consistent outflows from Spot Bitcoin ETFs highlight a challenging period driven by institutional and miner sell-offs. However, historical trends suggest potential for a robust recovery if inflows start to reappear. Bitcoin’s long-term outlook remains positive, even as short-term performance exhibits volatility. Investors should stay informed and consider historical patterns when navigating the current market landscape.

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