SUI and ATOMA ($ATOM) Revolutionize dApp Development with Cutting-Edge AI Integration

  • The integration of Atoma adds new capabilities to Sui’s flourishing developer ecosystem with unique AI-querying capabilities.
  • By tapping into the AI that powers applications, allowing for real-time decision-making like changing NFTs and AI-based smart contracts, blockchain applications can evolve in an unprecedented way.
  • “Atoma Network is extremely excited to partner with Sui to expand access to AI solutions across the network,” said Jorge Antonio, CTO and Co-founder at Atoma.

Discover how Sui and Atoma are revolutionizing the blockchain landscape with cutting-edge AI capabilities, enhancing developer productivity and application functionality.

Introduction of Verifiable Inference Network

Sui, a leading Layer 1 blockchain known for its industry-leading performance and infinite horizontal scaling, has partnered with Atoma Network, pioneers in decentralized AI, to introduce a verifiable inference network. This network is designed to optimize AI queries off the main chain, ensuring Sui maintains its efficiency and speed. This collaboration will allow blockchain applications to leverage AI for real-time decision-making, significantly enhancing functionalities such as dynamic NFTs and adaptive smart contracts.

Enhancing Developer Productivity

The integration of Atoma into Sui’s APIs and SDKs aims to streamline developer productivity by democratizing complex functionalities. This move opens blockchain development to a wider range of builders and reduces the time required to implement AI-driven applications. Developers can now modernize their projects across various sectors, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, DAOs, and more, using the latest innovations in AI and blockchain technology.

Applications and Use Cases

Atoma’s AI capabilities offer numerous applications across different sectors:

  • Agents: Build and launch agents to automate workflows and effectively monetize on-chain activity.
  • DeFi Protocols: Provide automation, risk analysis, prediction, and sentiment analysis features for DeFi builders and users.
  • NFTs & Gaming: Enable the creation and secure storage of generative AI assets and DNA-based NFTs.
  • DAOs: Facilitate seamless governance and decision-making for DAO members.
  • Coding & Auditing: Accelerate development with AI code generation and accurate, automated audits.
  • Social Media & Advertising: Automate classification and fact-checking.

Future Prospects

In the long run, this cooperation could enable individuals to create new digital goods using no-code interfaces and AI-based natural language interactions. By combining Sui’s rapid and scalable blockchain with Atoma’s AI tools, developers and builders in the Sui ecosystem will be empowered to create applications with enhanced functionality. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in Sui’s AI journey and reinforces its commitment to providing builders with the most advanced tech stack possible.


The partnership between Sui and Atoma marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology. By integrating advanced AI capabilities, this collaboration not only enhances developer productivity but also opens up new possibilities for innovative applications across various sectors. As developers begin to incorporate AI-driven programs, the Sui and Atoma ecosystems are poised for significant growth, driving the future of blockchain and AI integration.

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