Arbitrum’s $40M Grant Splash: GMX Triumphs, Lido’s Unexpected Sideline

Arbitrum announces its first grant winners, with GMX securing the lion's share. As the Ethereum Layer 2 network advances, some prominent projects find themselves sidelined.

Growth Accelerates in Arbitrum, But ARB Token May Have Lost Interest of Whales

According to the latest weekly report published by Arbitrum, the network has achieved significant growth, but the ARB token has observed a high amount of outflow; However, hopes are not lost for ARB.

Arbitrum Growth Accelerates But ARB Token May Have Lost Whales Interest

According to the latest weekly report by Arbitrum, significant growth has been recorded in the network, but large outflows have been observed in the ARB token; However, hope is not lost for the ARB.

The Number of Transactions in Arbitrum is Decreasing: What is the Reason?

Since its peak on March 23rd, daily transactions on Arbitrum have declined by 73%. The volume of Arbitrum transactions on DEXs has also seen a decrease of 78%.

Awakening Whales Flock to Arbitrum: Did They Anticipate the Surge?

According to CMC, whales with dormant wallets have recently started showing activity by investing in Arbitrum. One whale with the wallet address "0x3737" made a move after being inactive for six months, acquiring 1.57 million ARB tokens for 939 Ethereum (ETH) at an average price of $1.07.

Arbitrum Community Rejects Improvement Proposal! What is AIP 1.05?

The majority of the Arbitrum community did not accept AIP 1.05. The ARB coin price dropped by 2% today but continues to trade...

Will ARB price reach $2? Ethereum L2 competitor Arbitrum seems to be doubling in April.

The price trend of ARB is showing similarities with the price movement after the launch of MATIC. MATIC rose by 1,350% after a brutal...

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