Do Kwon Challenges Extradition Order, Prolonging Legal Saga Amid Terra Collapse Fallout!

As the crypto market recovers from the Terra Luna collapse, Do Kwon appeals against his extradition from Montenegro, adding a new twist to his ongoing legal challenges.

Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao Settle Multi-Agency U.S. Federal Investigations!

In a landmark settlement, Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao resolve charges with multiple U.S. federal agencies, culminating in one of the largest corporate penalties in U.S. history and significant leadership changes at Binance.

Coinbase Launches Zero-Fee Money Transfer Service via Popular Communication Platforms!

Coinbase enhances its digital wallet utility by offering customers the ability to send money globally at no cost through various communication platforms, aligning with the recent upsurge in cryptocurrency values and its own share price growth.

Dollar Rebounds as Bitcoin Surges Past $42,000 Amid Rate Cut Speculations!

Amid fluctuating market sentiments and regulatory expectations, the U.S. dollar regains strength while Bitcoin breaches the $42,000 mark, reflecting shifting dynamics in global financial markets.

US Treasury Calls for Accountability: Non-US Stablecoin Issuers Under Scrutiny!

The U.S. Treasury demands stringent measures from non-U.S. stablecoin issuers utilizing the U.S. dollar, warning against facilitating illicit activities.

Binance to Discontinue Binance USD Support, Shifts to First Digital USD!

This article details Binance's decision to cease support for its native stablecoin BUSD, including the transition to First Digital USD, and examines the implications for users and the wider crypto market.

Bitcoin Reaches 19-Month High Amid Speculation of Federal Reserve Rate Cuts!

This article analyzes Bitcoin's significant rebound to 19-month highs and its implications, driven by expectations of changing Federal Reserve policies and the crypto market's optimistic outlook.

Coinbase CEO on Binance Settlement: A Turning Point for Crypto Industry!

This article explores Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's perspective on the recent Binance settlement and its implications for the cryptocurrency industry, emphasizing a new era of compliance and growth.

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