Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Analysis: Fidelity Report Highlights Impact of Halving and Upgrade

Learn about the key factors influencing Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, including network upgrades, halving events, and insights from Fidelity's in-depth analysis.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Witness Record Inflows, Signaling Growing Investor Confidence!

The spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States have recorded their highest net inflows in two weeks, indicating a resurgence of investor interest and confidence in Bitcoin as a viable investment vehicle.

Bitcoin ETF Surge: BlackRock and Fidelity Lead with 79% of Inflows into the ‘Newborn Nine’

This article delves into the explosive growth of Bitcoin ETFs, highlighting the market dominance of BlackRock and Fidelity, the impact of fee reductions among competitors, and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

Luc Froehlich Moves to Ethereum L2 Layer N, Boosting Real World Asset Strategy

This article delves into Luc Froehlich's new role at Ethereum Layer 2 solution Layer N, focusing on the platform's strategy to revolutionize traditional finance through blockchain technology.

Fidelity Files Amendment to Ethereum ETF Filing with SEC

Fidelity Investments takes a progressive step in the crypto market with an amended Ethereum ETF filing, introducing the wise origin index fund and exclusive opportunities for accredited investors.

Fidelity Analyst Unveils Two Factors That Could Disappoint Crypto Investors: A 2023-2024 Bitcoin Expert Forecast!

As a leading asset management firm with a long-standing interest in cryptocurrencies, Fidelity manages trillions of dollars in client assets. Fidelity's expansion in the crypto space is positive for the markets in the long run, but short and medium-term risks remain irrespective of the association of names like BlackRock or Fidelity with crypto.

Fidelity Releases New Crypto Report: What Do American Investors Think about Bitcoin and Ethereum?

According to Fidelity's new report, the outlook for Etherum is very positive; Additionally, according to a survey involving American investors, investors have positive expectations for BTC and ETH.

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