Lido’s Ethereum (ETH) Staking Dominance Decreases – What This Means for Decentralization

Explore the recent shift in Ethereum staking dynamics, the implications for Lido, and the ongoing push for decentralization within the ETH network.

Lido DAO Chooses Axelar and Wormhole Over LayerZero for Enhanced Crypto Bridge Capabilities

Amidst the dynamic landscape of blockchain interoperability, Lido DAO's recent endorsement of Axelar and Wormhole over LayerZero marks a pivotal moment in DeFi collaborations and decentralized governance.

Lido Finance Expands Its Reach: Launches wstETH on Cosmos with Axelar and Neutron

Lido Finance's move to expand wstETH to Cosmos via Axelar and Neutron signifies the growing importance of cross-chain interoperability in the world of DeFi.

Crypto Winter Strikes DeFi Ecosystem: Lowest Level in Two Years!

As a result of the crypto winter, the total value of assets locked in the DeFi ecosystem has dropped to its lowest level in over two years. The decline is largely due to significant drops in altcoins and a general decrease in cryptocurrency activity. Despite this, Ethereum liquid staking platform Lido remains the largest DeFi project, with a total value of $14.10 billion.

Lido’s Dominance Over Ethereum Staking is Rapidly Growing

According to the latest data obtained by COINOTAG, it is evident that Lido is rapidly increasing its dominance over ETH staking, surpassing its closest competitor by almost four times.

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