MicroStrategy’s Stock Premium Over Bitcoin Deemed ‘Unjustifiable’ by Analysts

Kerrisdale Capital, an investment management firm, raises concerns over MicroStrategy's stock price, claiming it trades at an unjustifiable premium compared to its underlying Bitcoin value, despite the company's significant cryptocurrency holdings.

MicroStrategy Amplifies Bitcoin Treasury with $604 Million New Acquisition!

In a strategic expansion of its Bitcoin treasury, MicroStrategy has leveraged another massive convertible notes offering, further solidifying its position in the cryptocurrency landscape.

BlackRock’s iShares Leads the ETF Race, Surpassing MicroStrategy in Bitcoin Holdings

This piece explores the evolving landscape of Bitcoin ETFs, highlighting BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin ETF's remarkable growth, MicroStrategy’s ongoing Bitcoin accumulation, and the broader market trends shaping the cryptocurrency investment sector.

Microstrategy’s Bitcoin Bonanza: Portfolio Skyrockets to $13.2 Billion, Achieving a 116% Gain

Microstrategy's massive return on bitcoin investment positions the company as a pivotal player in the digital asset space, marking a significant milestone in corporate cryptocurrency adoption.

BlackRock Outpaces MicroStrategy in Bitcoin Holdings!

In an unprecedented move, BlackRock's recent acquisition of 12,600 BTC propels its holdings past MicroStrategy's, marking a significant shift in the landscape of institutional investments in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Invest Firm MicroStrategy’s Twitter Compromised: Ethereum Token Phishing Scam Targets Followers

MicroStrategy's recent Twitter hack has led to a sophisticated Ethereum token phishing scam, duping users into losing over $440,000 by promising a non-existent $MSTR token airdrop.

Michael Saylor Commits to “Forever Buy Bitcoin” Amid Predictions of Dominance Over Gold and Real Estate

MicroStrategy's unwavering commitment to Bitcoin underscores the growing confidence in cryptocurrency as a superior investment asset, with predictions of significant capital shifts from traditional assets.

Saylor Foresees Bitcoin’s Rise to $1 Million: MicroStrategy’s Vision of Crypto Evolution!

Michael Saylor, of MicroStrategy, projects Bitcoin's trajectory towards $1 million, underlining its institutional potential and transformative influence in the digital asset space.

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