Global Turmoil and Economic Concerns Dampen Crypto Rally!

Amid geopolitical disturbances and economic uncertainties, the crypto market sees a mixed week. Key players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum showcase strength, while several altcoins take a steeper plunge. The potential U.S. Bitcoin ETF remains a focal point for investors.

Ethereum Explorer “Rated” Secures $12.89M to Broaden its Blockchain Horizons

Ethereum-based startup, Rated Labs, scores big with its Series A funding, as it ventures into uncharted blockchain territories. The company's growth plans encompass the introduction of new features and enhanced real-time functionalities.

Polygon Announces Proposals for 2.0 Upgrade and Shift to POL Token

Polygon is paving the way for its 2.0 upgrade, releasing essential proposals that could redefine its ecosystem, including the launch of a new token. Stay updated with the latest on this Ethereum scaling solution.

Astar Network Collaborates with Polygon for Ethereum Layer 2 Launch in Japan

As Astar Network joins hands with Polygon Labs, Ethereum scaling in Asia witnesses a new dawn. The synergy aims to fortify Japan’s stance in the web3 movement, tapping into the potent sectors of entertainment and gaming.

Polygon 2.0 Update: What Impact Will It Have on MATIC Price?

As the Polygon community prepares for the Polygon 2.0 update, bullish sentiments have increased for the MATIC coin and indicators have turned green.

Polygon zkEVM Reaches New Highs, but MATIC Faces Tough Times

Polygon zkEVM has hit an all-time high in terms of day trading, but the situation is not looking good for MATIC traders.

Polygon Rebrands MATIC Token as POL

Polygon Labs, the company responsible for the development of the Polygon ecosystem, has decided to change the name of MATIC to POL.

Rising Target MATIC Investors Should Follow! July 4th MATIC Analysis

Matic achieved a 17% return with its upward movement initiated by encountering strong buyers. In the current technical analysis, it is observed that Matic's price is moving above the $0.70 level and the $0.74 resistance is a critical level.

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