TON Coin Sees Surge in $1M+ Transactions, Dominating On-Chain Volume

  • The transactions above $1 million attributable to Toncoin (TON) whales have dominated the network, fueling bullish optimism.
  • The whale holders of TON and NOT are growing dramatically.
  • The hype in the Toncoin ecosystem is impacting the Notcoin project.

Discover how Toncoin whales are driving high-value transactions and influencing the market, with a focus on the burgeoning Notcoin project.

Transaction Catalysts and Market Sentiment

The TON network has experienced a notable surge in high-value transactions, with those exceeding $1 million now dominating its on-chain volume. The interest of whales on the network can be seen with a marked increase in dollar transactions since its bullish rise in 2024.

The listing of Notcoin (NOT), a Toncoin-associated token, served as a catalyst that influenced on-chain activity and market sentiments. This comes even as accumulation by large holder groups with assets between 100,000 and one million NOT revealed long-term confidence and potential for future price recovery.

Incentives and Community Engagement

Notably, the Notcoin network incentivized users with the distribution of airdrops on different platforms to drive engagements and extensive circulation of the token. This helped in no small measure to grow the active user base in the community.

Moreover, the token’s association with Telegram, a leading social media platform, has helped to propel an explosive price surge. This naturally has attracted the whales seeking to profit from the growing digital asset.

Analysts have also attributed the bullish price run of NOT towards $1 to three significant reasons: active community, protocol development, and exchange listings. Many crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Bybit, and KuCoin have added support for Notcoin trading.

TON Price Rally and Market Impact

Interestingly, the soaring of the community and spike in the frequency of these high-value transactions have risen comparatively, contributing to the upward trend in Toncoin’s price. According to CoinMarketCap data, TON is trading at $6.51, up 1.30% in the past 24 hours at the time of writing.

Future Outlook and Investor Sentiment

Consequently, TON has evolved into a robust blockchain capable of handling substantial value transfers, attracting a steadily growing number of large investors. Analysts predict that these whales are positioning themselves and will likely rake in huge profits when the coin gains significant valuation in price.


The Toncoin network’s surge in high-value transactions, driven by whale activity, has significantly impacted both TON and the associated Notcoin project. With strategic incentives and strong community engagement, the future looks promising for these digital assets. Investors should remain cautious yet optimistic as the market continues to evolve.

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