TRUMP Coin Predicted to Surge Amid Election Season: Analyst Insights

  • The cryptocurrency market has witnessed an intriguing dynamic post-March, with notable activities centered around meme coins and the TON network’s token distributions via gaming bots.
  • Among the myriad of developments, TRUMP Coin, launched eight months ago, has captivated the market’s attention, surging to a remarkable $17.
  • A well-known market analyst has recently highlighted the enduring potential of TRUMP Coin, despite the broader market fluctuations.

Dive into the latest trends in the crypto world with a focus on meme coins and the emerging TRUMP Coin, offering insights and future prospects.

Analyzing the Surge of TRUMP Coin

Market expert Altcoin Sherpa has shared his bullish outlook on the MAGA (TRUMP) coin, indicating a promising future despite some recent price volatility. He has highlighted the coin’s pullback to the 0.50 Fibonacci level as an optimal buying opportunity, suggesting that the forthcoming election could further amplify its value. Since announcing himself as the ‘president of cryptocurrencies,’ Donald Trump’s influence has driven TRUMP Coin to surge to $12.75, a 9% increase within just 24 hours. From October 7, when the coin was valued at $0.0199, it has seen an astounding growth of 61,759%, potentially reaching $18 by late June or early July.

The Steady Progress of NOT Coin

Notcoin (NOT) has also emerged as a noteworthy project in recent months. Initially, the market was skeptical about its potential. However, renowned analyst Sherpa has recently pointed out that NOT Coin has reached a phase of peak consolidation, suggesting reduced volatility and more stable price movements. From its growth of 300%, climbing from $0.00527 on May 26 to peaking at $0.0185, the coin has now entered a more predictable trading range following a 12% correction.

Comprehensive Investment Insights

Based on thorough analysis, here are some key investment strategies:

  • Investors might consider acquiring TRUMP Coin ahead of the election season, capitalizing on its predicted rise.
  • For those eyeing stability, monitoring NOT Coin’s performance and waiting for consistent trends could be prudent.
  • Altcoin Sherpa suggests preparing to accumulate meme coins, anticipating a decline in Bitcoin’s dominance by Q4 2024, which may shift the market focus towards alternative cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin Sherpa emphasizes the potential of diversifying investments across various meme coins as the market transitions. The expected decrease in Bitcoin’s dominance offers a strategic entry point for investors looking to broaden their portfolios with promising alternative cryptocurrencies ahead of the fourth quarter of 2024.


In summary, the TRUMP Coin’s significant rise and the stabilizing trends of NOT Coin offer intriguing opportunities for investors. As the market evolves, these insights highlight the importance of strategic investments in meme coins, particularly as Bitcoin’s dominance may wane. Keeping abreast of these developments allows investors to make informed decisions and capitalize on emerging trends within the crypto landscape.

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Gideon Wolf
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