Upbit Lists TAIKO for Multi-Chain Trading: New Opportunities with Ethereum Support

  • Upbit, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has officially added TAIKO to its KRW, BTC, and USDT trading pairs.
  • The listing will provide enhanced multi-chain deposit and withdrawal support, particularly focusing on Ethereum integration.
  • Users are encouraged to adhere to specified networks to ensure smooth transactions and avoid unnecessary delays. “It’s a significant move for accessibility in the cryptocurrency market,” said a spokesperson for Upbit.

Upbit’s listing of TAIKO promises increased market accessibility and flexibility for traders, with safeguards to ensure smooth transactions.

TAIKO Listing Process Detailed

TAIKO’s listing on Upbit is a highly anticipated event, though its starting price remains undecided. Upbit advises users to ensure their deposits are made via the compatible networks, namely TAIKO-Taiko and TAIKO-Ethereum, before trading begins. Deposits through any unsupported networks will not be processed, and funds may require a lengthy review for potential refunds, underscoring the need for careful compliance with guidelines.

Ensuring Transaction Integrity

To maintain transaction integrity, Upbit stresses the importance of users adhering strictly to the specified networks. Non-compliance may result in prolonged review processes to assess potential refunds. Users must reliably follow these guidelines to ensure smooth transactional experiences and avoid unnecessary hurdles.

Market Volatility Management Strategies

Upbit has implemented several measures to mitigate market volatility as part of its strategy to offer TAIKO trading. As soon as trading goes live, buy orders will be temporarily restricted for five minutes, while sell orders that are significantly lower than the reference price will also face a five-minute restriction. Additionally, both market and pending orders will face restrictions for the first hour after the commencement of trading.

Temporary Trading Limits

Upbit has prudently introduced temporary trading limits to control heightened volatility typically associated with new listings. These measures are designed to provide a buffer against erratic market movements, offering a more stable trading environment during the initial phases of TAIKO’s availability on the platform.

Crucial Information for Upbit Traders

Prior to making any deposits, users must ensure they are using verified wallet addresses and the specified TAIKO-Taiko and TAIKO-Ethereum networks. Transactions from incompatible networks will lead to the cancellation of the deposits. Furthermore, the platform will enforce temporary constraints on both buy and sell orders to manage initial volatility effectively, safeguarding user assets and enhancing trading experience.

Maintaining Deposit Security

Upbit emphasizes maintaining deposit security by permitting transactions only through verified wallet addresses. Any inconsistency regarding the asset’s network source will result in immediate deposit cancellation to protect user funds against potential fraud or mishandling.


In summary, Upbit’s strategic listing of TAIKO across multiple trading pairs represents a significant step toward increased market flexibility and accessibility. With strict adherence to network guidelines and robust measures to manage market volatility, Upbit ensures a smooth and secure trading environment. As TAIKO becomes available, users can look forward to an enhanced trading experience backed by meticulous security protocols.

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