US National Debt Surge: Implications for Dollar Stability and National Security

  • The ballooning national debt in the U.S. has sparked concern among both policymakers and financial analysts.
  • New Treasury Department data reveals a staggering increase in the nation’s debt.
  • Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlights the national security risks associated with rising debt levels.

The United States is facing a growing fiscal challenge as national debt levels soar to unprecedented heights, raising alarms among financial experts and policymakers alike.

Exponential Growth in National Debt

According to the latest data from the Treasury Department, the U.S. national debt has surged by over $876 billion in the first half of the year, climbing from $33.990 trillion on January 2nd to $34.866 trillion on July 2nd. This rapid increase in the debt burden underscores the fiscal pressures facing the nation amid ongoing economic challenges.

Implications for National Security

Former Secretary of State and ex-CIA Director Mike Pompeo has expressed grave concerns regarding the national debt, emphasizing that it poses a significant threat to U.S. national security. In a recent publication by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Pompeo referenced projections from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which forecast a budget deficit of $2 trillion for the 2024 fiscal year—an increase of $300 billion compared to last year’s $1.7 trillion deficit. Pompeo warned, “Our national debt was 97.3% of our national GDP last year; in ten years, the CBO now estimates that it will balloon to 122% of GDP. We will literally have more debt as a nation than the total wealth of our economy can produce.”

Economic Ramifications of Rising Debt

The increasing national debt could have profound implications for the U.S. economy. High debt levels, coupled with persistent interest rates and inflation, may erode the value of the U.S. dollar over time. Such a scenario would be detrimental to the United States, while potentially empowering rivals like China, Russia, and Iran. Pompeo highlighted, “Persistent high debt, interest rates, and inflation can combine to weaken the value of the U.S. dollar in the long run—a disastrous outcome that would only benefit America’s adversaries in Beijing, Moscow, and Tehran as they seek to recenter the global economy away from the United States.”

Call to Action

Pompeo’s concerns extend to the broader implications of operating on deficits, drawing parallels to business financials. “No matter how big or wealthy a business may be, running deficits only leads to failure. Our federal government has forgotten this essential truth. We must wake up to the threat America’s mounting national debt poses to the future of our country before it is too late,” he urged.


As the U.S. national debt continues to spiral upwards, the potential economic and security ramifications cannot be overstated. The insights shared by leaders like Mike Pompeo underline the urgent need for fiscal responsibility and strategic economic planning. It is imperative for policymakers to address these challenges head-on to ensure the nation’s financial stability and security in the years to come.

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