Whale and Arthur Hayes Make Significant PENDLE Transactions Amid Market Fluctuations

  • Significant whale activity has been detected involving the native cryptocurrency of the Pendle protocol, PENDLE.
  • Arthur Hayes, BitMEX co-founder, has made a noteworthy move in locking up a substantial amount of PENDLE until late 2024.
  • Profitable transactions and staking activities have highlighted the potential of PENDLE as a lucrative investment.

Discover the recent financial maneuvers involving PENDLE, including high-stakes trades by industry giants and insightful details on its market performance.

Whale Deposits and Withdrawals Shaking the PENDLE Market

In a notable event identified by Lookonchain, an on-chain analytics platform, a major whale deposited 755,000 PENDLE, valued at approximately $3.83 million, to Binance. Seemingly capitalizing on market conditions, this same whale had previously withdrawn 5.02 million PENDLE worth $2.73 million on August 18, 2023, when PENDLE was trading at $0.54 per token.

Arthur Hayes’ Significant Lock-Up of PENDLE

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes has made headlines by locking up 1.65 million PENDLE, valued at $8.4 million, until September 5, 2024. This move followed his earlier unstaking of 1.55 million PENDLE worth $9.41 million on June 6. Post-unstake, Hayes retained PENDLE holdings valued at $10.26 million, with an average token purchase price of $2.24, and had unrealized profits amounting to $6.46 million.

Pendle Protocol: An Overview

Pendle is a pioneering protocol that facilitates the tokenization and trading of future yields, providing its users with enhanced control and various opportunities for yield utilization. As of the latest trading data, PENDLE was valued at $5.15, although it had previously hit an all-time high of $7.53 on April 11, reflecting its potential and volatility in the current market landscape.

Market Dynamics and Future Outlook

Given the significant transactions by whales and influential figures like Arthur Hayes, PENDLE’s market performance remains a point of interest. Such activities not only underscore the currency’s high liquidity potential but also its appeal as both a speculative and long-term investment. Investors and market watchers should keep an eye on these developments as they could signal broader trends within the crypto market.


The recent large-scale transactions and strategic lock-ups involving PENDLE highlight the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency markets and the strategic financial maneuvers by significant stakeholders. Investors should carefully monitor these trends, as they offer insights into potential future valuations and market behaviors.

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