Whale Buys $395 Million in Bitcoin (BTC) as Crypto Nears All-Time High

  • In an impressive move, a cryptocurrency whale recently acquired a substantial $395 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC).
  • This purchase comes after the whale had earlier bought $794 million worth of Bitcoin during the bear market of 2022.
  • Remarkably, this investor realized over $1 billion in profits by selling 37,000 BTC at an average price of $46,800 between 2023 and 2024.

An in-depth look at a major Bitcoin whale’s recent activity, analyzing the implications for the broader crypto market.

Significant Bitcoin Accumulation by a Mega Whale

A noteworthy player in the cryptocurrency market has recently made headlines by purchasing $395 million in Bitcoin. This whale, whose actions are being closely followed by blockchain analytics platform Lookonchain, has a history of making strategic investments, including a $794 million Bitcoin purchase during the bear market in 2022. This move signifies substantial market confidence and raises questions about potential future trends in Bitcoin pricing.

Profitable Bitcoin Trades Amid Market Volatility

During the significant market recovery phase in 2023 and 2024, this whale capitalized on optimal trading conditions, selling 37,000 BTC for an impressive $1.74 billion at an average rate of $46,800 per Bitcoin. The execution of these trades underscores the importance of timing and market insight in the cryptocurrency domain, highlighting the whale’s adeptness at navigating market volatility for maximum profit.

Resurgence of Whale Activity After Hiatus

This latest acquisition marks the first major purchase by the whale in over 1.5 years, suggesting a renewed strategic focus on Bitcoin accumulation. The transaction suggests that the whale perceives significant potential and stability in Bitcoin’s current market positioning. Such large-scale investments often precede or coincide with broader market movements, potentially serving as a precursor to further price shifts.

Market Sentiment and Price Projections

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $65,722 on the Bitstamp exchange, reflecting a marginal increase of 0.9% over the past 24 hours. Despite the whale’s confidence, cryptocurrency analytics firm Santiment reports a level of fear and disinterest among the broader Bitcoin trading community. This sentiment, typically indicative of a market nearing capitulation, contrasts sharply with the actions of large investors who appear to see value in current price levels.

Implications of Trader Sentiment and Institutional Moves

Periods of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) like the present one are described by Santiment as rare and potentially transitional. Historically, such conditions have been followed by price rebounds, suggesting that the whale’s recent activity could be an early signal of an impending market recovery. Additionally, Bitcoin’s price is only 11% shy of its all-time high, reinforcing that it remains robust and far from entering a prolonged bear market.


The recent surge in Bitcoin acquisitions by a single whale highlights both the ongoing market volatility and the strategic opportunities it presents. With Bitcoin trading close to its peak levels and significant purchases being made by savvy investors, the market could be on the cusp of notable changes. For traders and investors, keeping a close watch on whale activities and market sentiment trends will be crucial for capitalizing on upcoming opportunities.

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