Whale’s Massive Illuvium (ILV) Sale Triggers Sharp Price Drop

  • A significant sell-off by a crypto whale caused the price of a notable altcoin to plummet.
  • Large token sales often create selling pressure and result in price drops, particularly for altcoins with lower market capitalization.
  • On-chain analytics platform Lookonchain reported on June 22 that a major sale in Illuvium (ILV) by a whale triggered a sharp price decline.

A whale sell-off impacts Illuvium (ILV) as 40,730 tokens are sold, leading to an 8% price drop. What does this mean for the altcoin market?

Whale Activity Results in Sharp Price Decline for Illuvium (ILV)

According to Lookonchain’s report, a wallet tagged as “Luggis.eth” executed a significant transaction by selling approximately $2.72 million worth of ILV tokens, equivalent to 40,730 ILV coins, in exchange for 778.72 ETH. This substantial sell-off introduced noteworthy selling pressure on the market, resulting in a pronounced price dip.

Impact of Whale Transactions on Altcoin Prices

Large-scale liquidations by substantial holders, commonly known as whales, can have an outsized effect on the market dynamics of altcoins. Their transactions often trigger abrupt price movements due to the relatively small market liquidity. In this case, the sale by “Luggis.eth” led Illuvium to experience a sudden depreciation in value, highlighting the volatility inherent in the altcoin market. Lookonchain’s data reveal that this particular whale still retains $17.64 million worth of ILV, indicating potential further disruptions if additional sell-offs occur.

Immediate Market Reaction and Price Recovery

The fallout from the whale’s activity was promptly visible. Data from CoinGecko indicated that ILV’s value plunged from $71.43 to $65.84, signifying nearly an 8% drop within a short timeframe. While the altcoin showed signs of partial recovery, trading at $66.60 during the period of assessment, the incident underscores the persistence of volatility and the susceptibility of altcoins to large-scale transactions.


The incident involving the Illuvium whale sale serves as a stark reminder of the challenges and volatility associated with the altcoin market. Such significant transactions can induce sharp price movements, impacting investors and traders. As the holder still possesses a considerable amount of ILV, market participants must remain vigilant of future potential sell-offs that could further influence Illuvium’s price trajectory. This event offers crucial insights into the delicate balance of market forces and the significant role large-scale investors play within the cryptocurrency landscape.

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