What is ATM Network LUCA Coin and How to Buy LUCA?

  • LUCA is the revolutionary token behind the ATM staking platform, designed to innovate the peer-to-peer staking model.
  • Functioning as both a reward and utility token, LUCA holds prominence within the ATM ecosystem.
  • Driven by the ATMRank algorithm, a user’s influence within the network determines their reward, ensuring a dynamic and engaging platform.

Delve deep into the ATM Network’s LUCA Coin – its operations, significance, and purchasing process in the cryptocurrency world.

Origin and Purpose of ATM Network LUCA Coin (LUCA)


The ATM Network is built around its core token, LUCA, which serves as the backbone of a novel peer-to-peer staking platform. Users enhance their network through token staking, an action reminiscent of forming digital connections. What sets this network apart is its utilization of Google’s renowned PageRank algorithm to rank users, which in turn dictates the staking rewards they receive, dispensed in LUCA tokens.

Utility and Functionality of ATM Network LUCA Coin (LUCA)

LUCA isn’t just another digital coin. Its significance is magnified when used to establish connections within the ATM platform. The weightage of these connections is pivotal when computing rewards, making LUCA the token of choice for stakeholders. Its utility draws a parallel to Pancakeswap’s CAKE token, serving dual purposes – as a reward and as the quintessential utility token. With a growing community of over 3,500 users, the future seems promising for both LUCA and the ATM platform.

Deciphering ATMRank

ATMRank is a unique algorithm that gauges a user’s influence on the network, akin to Google’s PageRank that prioritizes web pages based on their relevance. The underlying principle of both algorithms is to evaluate the interconnectedness between entities. In the case of ATM, it evaluates the connections between stakeholders to deduce each user’s PR value, which eventually determines their daily staking rewards.

About the Visionary Behind ATM

ATM sprouted from the visionary mind of Lottfi Zaouini, who currently helms NeuronLabs as its CEO. With a diverse background in crypto and software development, Lottfi’s expertise is palpable in ATM’s architecture and vision. For further insights into ATM’s inception, the article here sheds light on its journey.

Essential Numbers and Contract Details

For those diving into the technical aspects:

  • Total LUCA Supply: 38,970,714.349641
  • Token Contract Address (18 Decimals): 0x51e6ac1533032e72e92094867fd5921e3ea1bfa0


ATM Network’s LUCA Coin is much more than just a cryptocurrency. Its foundation lies in revolutionizing peer-to-peer staking through an algorithm that brings fairness and dynamism. Whether you’re looking to be part of a rapidly expanding community or see potential in LUCA as an investment, understanding its nuances is paramount. And as always, stay informed and invest wisely.

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