What is CyberConnect and How to Buy CYBER Coin?

  • An innovative Web3 social networking platform empowering user ownership of digital identities and content.
  • Introduces unique functionalities like CyberAccount for enhanced user experiences and CyberID for unique user handles.
  • CYBER, the governance token, facilitates decision-making and various transactional processes within the platform.
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Explore the revolutionary Web3-based social networking paradigm with CyberConnect and learn the intricacies of its native token, CYBER coin.

An Introduction to CyberConnect (CYBER Coin)


CyberConnect marks the dawn of a new era in social networking, operating on the Web3 framework. This decentralized platform allows developers to curate social applications where users regain control over their digital identity, content, and connections. Furthermore, it promotes long-term, blockchain-based relationships, fostering a more direct and decentralized ecosystem for creators to engage their audience.

CyberConnect V3: Bridging the Web2 and Web3 Divide

The evolution of CyberConnect is encapsulated in its third version, CyberConnect V3. It has been designed to transition web3-based social networking into a multi-chain future. By focusing on scalability, it aims to present a familiar feel reminiscent of web2 for the users. The core components ensuring this transition include the CyberAccount for identity infrastructure, CyberGraph for unhindered database functionalities, and CyberNetwork for enhanced gas efficiency and scalability.

How to Buy Cyber Coin (CYBER)

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CyberID: The Digital Handle of the Future

Just as you identify with usernames on popular platforms like Instagram or Twitter, CyberID serves as a unique digital handle on CyberConnect. It operates as an ERC-721 token, with periodic ownership based on a recurring fee model. MAX TOTAL SUPPLY
87,700,000 CYBER. unique mechanism ensures the dynamism of handles, allowing auctioning if a user fails to renew their registration.

The Essence of CYBER Token

CYBER, as the platform’s governance token, is instrumental in decision-making. Token holders possess voting rights, and they can even delegate these rights to others, enhancing community-driven decisions. Beyond governance, CYBER plays a multifaceted role, being usable for acquiring CyberID and as a gas token for transaction fees within the platform.

Organizational Engagement in CyberConnect

Web3 social networking isn’t restricted to individual users. CyberConnect extends its functionalities to organizations, teams, and brands, enabling them to forge stronger bonds with their audience. Through the unique organization account feature, entities can enjoy advanced account management, from multi-signature capabilities to custom access controls.


CyberConnect represents the future of social networking, harnessing the power of blockchain to give users more control and ownership over their online identities and connections. With the introduction of CYBER, the platform ensures seamless transactions, governance, and an enhanced user experience. As the digital landscape evolves, platforms like CyberConnect are poised to redefine our understanding of online interactions and digital identity.

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