What is HashPack and How to Buy PACK?

  • Crypto enthusiasts and investors have a new opportunity to explore with the latest developments in blockchain technology.
  • Gate.io has launched an exciting new free airdrop program for its users, featuring promising tokens from innovative blockchain projects.
  • Users can take advantage of this airdrop program without having to worry about any financial deductions at the conclusion of the event.

Discover the latest advancements in blockchain with Gate.io’s new free airdrop program, offering users exclusive access to promising tokens without any cost.

Gate.io’s Innovative Free Airdrop Program

Gate.io has taken an exciting step forward by introducing the “Startup Project Free Airdrop Program,” aiming to reward its platform users. Through this initiative, Gate.io frequently launches free airdrops for top-tier blockchain projects in its Startup area. This program is particularly beneficial for VIP and GT users, who can enjoy a variety of token airdrop perks. It’s an enticing offer for those looking to delve deeper into the crypto space without any initial financial outlay.

What is HashPack (PACK)

HashPack is a leading non-custodial retail wallet designed for the Hedera Hashgraph network. It offers an exceptional user experience tailored for DeFi, NFTs, and dApps. The wallet supports both email and seed phrase account creation methods and has been thoroughly audited to ensure security. Moreover, HashPack has integration with all significant dApps within the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem, making it a pivotal tool for both retail users and developers.

Token Economics of HashPack (PACK)

  • Token Name: HashPack
  • Token Symbol: PACK
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Token Type: Hedera Token Service (HTS)

The token distribution strategy for HashPack involves minting the total supply of 1 billion tokens at the Token Generation Event (TGE). At this genesis stage, 80% of the tokens (800 million) will be locked in vesting contracts managed by HashPack, while the remaining 20% (200 million) will be in circulation. These vesting contracts will release the locked tokens over a period of six years according to a fixed schedule.

How to Buy HashPack (PACK)

For a seamless and secure acquisition of HashPack (PACK) and other cryptocurrencies, utilize our endorsed exchange for your investments.

Benefits of Participating in the Airdrop Program

The Gate.io airdrop program is designed to provide substantial benefits to its participants. By distributing tokens from high-caliber blockchain projects, users are given an opportunity to diversify their portfolios for free. This serves as a strategic advantage for both new and seasoned investors looking to capitalize on emerging technologies. The program fosters engagement and loyalty, significantly adding to the overall user experience on the Gate.io platform.


Gate.io’s Startup Project Free Airdrop Program is a significant opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to explore new blockchain projects without financial strain. With HashPack (PACK) as a highlighted project, users can look forward to broadening their exposure to the innovative solutions emerging from the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem. This initiative not only rewards users but also fosters the growth and adoption of promising blockchain technologies.

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