What is MCG and How to Buy MCG?

  • The highly anticipated “Lock & Earn MCG” initiative is set to debut on Gate.io’s HODL & Earn platform on July 9th, 2024 at 8:00 UTC, boasting an impressive interest rate of 150% APR.
  • This unique opportunity allows users to maximize their crypto assets by leveraging the substantial APR offered during the lock-up period.
  • “MetalCore” (MCG), the featured cryptocurrency, is central to this program, renowned for its AAA sci-fi MMO gameplay and significant industry accolades.

Capitalize on the “Lock & Earn MCG” program on Gate.io for an unmatched earning potential of 150% APR on your crypto assets. Act fast, as the program launches on July 9th, 2024, at 8:00 UTC.

Introducing the “Lock & Earn MCG” Program

The “Lock & Earn MCG” initiative is an exclusive offering from Gate.io, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange. This program forms part of the broader HODL & Earn ecosystem, providing users with a strategic opportunity to grow their holdings through locked investment periods. Launching on July 9th, 2024, at 8:00 UTC, this initiative is expected to attract significant interest due to its compelling 150% APR.

What is MetalCore (MCG)?

MetalCore (MCG) is an innovative AAA sci-fi MMO developed by a team of veteran game developers. Known for its intense player-vs-player (PvP) battles and elaborate mech designs, MetalCore invites players to forge alliances, accumulate powerful mechs, and dominate the game’s expansive universe. MetalCore has received prestigious accolades, including the Best Blockchain Game of the Year at the Global Blockchain Show and the GAM3 2022 Award for Best Shooter Game.

Token Economics of MetalCore (MCG)

  • Token Name: MetalCore
  • Token Symbol: MCG
  • Max Supply: To Be Announced
  • Token Type: Utility Token

How to Buy MetalCore (MCG)

For a seamless and secure acquisition of MetalCore (MCG) and other cryptocurrencies, utilize our endorsed exchange for your investments.

The Benefits of Participating in the “Lock & Earn MCG” Program

Participants in the “Lock & Earn MCG” program stand to benefit substantially from the lucrative 150% APR offered. This high-yield opportunity is ideal for those looking to enhance their crypto portfolios. The program’s structured lock-up period of 14 days ensures that both principal and interest are securely distributed upon maturity. This makes it a low-risk, high-reward investment for those keen on maximizing their returns in a short period.


With Gate.io’s “Lock & Earn MCG” program launching on July 9th, 2024, investors have a unique opportunity to benefit from an extraordinary 150% APR. MetalCore (MCG), being an acclaimed token with strong backing in the gaming and blockchain communities, amplifies the attractiveness of this investment. Act quickly to leverage this program and optimize your crypto earnings. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to secure high returns on your crypto assets.

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