Why Investors Should Diversify with Ethereum (ETH) Alongside Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Cryptocurrency investment strategies are evolving as experts advocate for diversified portfolios.
  • Different cryptocurrencies serve distinct purposes, influencing their long-term value propositions.
  • Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise Asset Management, shares his insights on Ethereum (ETH) alongside Bitcoin (BTC).

Discover the importance of diversification in cryptocurrency investments and why Ethereum is a crucial addition to your portfolio, according to expert Matt Hougan.

Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: Reasons to Include Ethereum

Matt Hougan stresses the significance of diversification when investing in cryptocurrencies, drawing parallels to the early stages of the internet. He highlights the challenge of predicting long-term winners in the tech space, referencing examples like AOL and Pets.com that failed despite the internet’s growth. Hougan suggests a mix of 75% Bitcoin and 25% Ethereum as a starting allocation to mitigate risks associated with predictive uncertainty.

Functional Differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Hougan explains that Bitcoin is primarily developed as a superior form of money, with its ecosystem designed to optimize its utility as a robust monetary system. In contrast, Ethereum serves as a foundational technology for creating programmable money, from stablecoins to decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. This functionality diversification allows investors broader exposure to blockchain technology applications.

Performance Metrics: Ethereum’s Historical Advantage

Historical data indicates that portfolios including both Bitcoin and Ethereum outperform Bitcoin-only portfolios in both absolute returns and risk-adjusted performance across full market cycles. Despite some periods where Bitcoin-only strategies prevail, Ethereum consistently offers better downside protection and potential for higher returns. Hougan, however, cautions that past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Counterpoint: The Case for Bitcoin-Only Strategies

Hougan acknowledges the preference for a Bitcoin-only strategy among investors focused on macroeconomic issues such as fiat degradation and inflation. Bitcoin’s dominant position, community focus, and simplicity as digital gold make it an appealing choice for those seeking a targeted investment in new forms of money. “Bitcoin’s large lead and focused use-case enhance its attractiveness for strategic investments,” adds Hougan.


Matt Hougan’s insights underscore the importance of a diversified approach in cryptocurrency investments. While Bitcoin remains a powerful investment for those targeting new forms of money, Ethereum’s capabilities in programmable money and its role in various blockchain applications make it a valuable addition. Investors are encouraged to strike a balance based on their specific goals and risk tolerance, understanding that both cryptocurrencies play pivotal roles in the evolving digital finance landscape.

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