zkSync Community Challenges Matter Labs Over Leadership and Trademark Decisions in Ethereum Ecosystem

  • zkSync Chinese community raises concerns about leadership and transparency in Matter Labs.
  • Discussions arise over responsibilities towards contributors and the need for more transparent practices.
  • Issues over trademark ownership and token airdrops highlighted within the community.

Delve into the latest debates within the zkSync community as they push for transparency and tackle trademark ownership in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Community Outcry Over Leadership Decisions

The zkSync Chinese community recently voiced significant concerns on the X platform, highlighting grievances with recent decisions made by Matter Labs’ leadership. Despite their limited influence over these decisions, the community emphasizes their dedication to transparency and accountability towards their contributors.

Demands for Transparency and Accountability

In an extensive post, the zkSync Chinese community reiterated their commitment to their supporters amidst the ongoing controversy. They conveyed frustration over the inability to influence Matter Labs’ decisions and stressed the importance of transparency. The community plans to publish a detailed account of events, backed by evidence, to substantiate their claims. While they aim to avoid conflict, they caution that Matter Labs’ current stance could jeopardize the zkSync project if concerns are not addressed.

Trademark Controversy and Community Feedback

Matter Labs recently sparked controversy by attempting to trademark the term ā€œZK.ā€ This move raised concerns among Ethereum enthusiasts, who viewed zero-knowledge proofs as a collective achievement rather than proprietary technology. Amidst growing feedback, Matter Labs announced their decision to withdraw all trademark applications for the term ā€œZK.ā€ This step reflects the importance of community-driven decisions and collaborative innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Token Airdrop Initiative

Further illustrating their commitment to the community, the ZKsync Association announced a significant airdrop: 17.5% of the total ZK token supply, equating to 3.675 billion tokens, will be distributed to early adopters of the ZKsync Ethereum Layer 2 network. This initiative aims to reward and engage users while enduring ongoing debates over ownership and collaboration in the development of decentralized technology.


These developments underscore the evolving dynamics within the Ethereum ecosystem, highlighting the balance between proprietary interests and community consensus. The ongoing dialogue and actions taken by both Matter Labs and the zkSync community reflect a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and the collective advancement of technology. As these discussions continue, the broader Ethereum community will watch closely to see how these issues are resolved and what they mean for future governance and innovation.

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