Alert: Whales Unload ENA Coin ($ENA) and These 7 Altcoins on Exchanges – A Deep Dive into Crypto Market Trends

Crypto Whales Accumulate ENA Coin and 7 Altcoins Amid Market Momentum

  • As the crypto market attempts to gather momentum, whales are making significant moves.
  • On-chain observers report that many whales are currently active, with significant token transfers to exchanges like Genesis Trading and Bybit.
  • A massive whale transferred 14.53 million ENA Coin to Bybit, among other notable transactions.

Discover the latest movements of crypto whales as they accumulate ENA Coin and seven other altcoins amid a potential market upswing.

Whales Accumulating ENA Coin and Other Altcoins

As the crypto waters begin to heat up, whales are making their moves. On-chain observer Ember reports that the bankrupt restructured crypto broker platform Genesis Trading recently transferred a substantial amount of 34 altcoins, worth $36.46 million, to Gemini. The primary tokens from this vast list include:

  • 16.41 million GRT ($4.83 million).
  • 123,000 INJ ($2.94 million).
  • 396 million AMPJ ($2.92 million).
  • 32,000 AAVE ($2.89 million).
  • 5.56 million MANA ($2.43 million).

Major Whale Address Transfers 517.5 MKR to Coinbase

Another on-chain observer, The Data Nerd, reports that a whale address starting with 0x4A0 transferred 517.5 MKR to Coinbase. This whale had purchased the MKR assets a month ago at an average price of $3,600. If the whale decides to sell now, they would incur a loss of $467,000.

Giant Whale Transfers 14.53 Million ENA Coin to Bybit

On-chain data analyst ‘ai_9684xtpa’ tracked a significant transaction involving ENA Coin. A whale/corporate address that received 14.53 million ENA Coin from the Ethena multi-signature address recently reloaded all tokens, worth $12.53 million, to Bybit.

Whale Address Withdraws 37,000 ETH from and Deposits to Coinbase

Meanwhile, on-chain Scopescan captured a significant move by an Ethereum whale. The whale address recently withdrew 37,141 ETH (approximately $112 million) from and subsequently deposited the ETH to Coinbase.


These recent whale movements indicate a potential accumulation of ENA Coin and other altcoins amid the current market conditions. As the crypto market continues to show signs of momentum, it’s crucial for investors to keep an eye on these significant transactions, as they could potentially influence market trends.

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