Altcoin Market Set for Major Surge as Bitcoin Dominance Declines: Experts Predict Upward Trend

  • Recent projections from industry experts signal a forthcoming surge in the altcoin market after a tumultuous first half of the year.
  • The overall market capitalization for altcoins is holding steady above the $1 trillion mark.
  • Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto market is expected to wane as more investors diversify into altcoins.

Industry analysts are predicting a substantial upward movement for altcoins following a turbulent start to the year. Dive into what’s driving this optimistic outlook and what it means for the crypto market.

Altcoin Market Set for Significant Growth

In light of the significant market volatility experienced earlier this year, top analysts are forecasting a promising upward trend for altcoins. According to Michaël van de Poppe, Founder and CIO of MN Trading, the altcoin market is on the brink of a substantial recovery. Van de Poppe asserts, “From late June until September or October, expect considerable momentum.” This optimistic view suggests a potential revaluation of altcoins to their previous high levels.

Technical Indicators Point to Positive Outlook

Renowned trader and crypto analyst Mags supports this positive outlook with a robust technical analysis. Mags highlights that the market capitalization of altcoins has been consolidating above $1 trillion, marking an exit from the accumulation phase. This consolidation bears resemblance to previous cycles that preceded major market upswings. Additionally, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) exhibits patterns indicating a significant upward movement is imminent.

Bitcoin’s Market Dominance Under Scrutiny

Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) holds a dominant 50.3% of the cryptocurrency market. However, data trends suggest a shift as investors start channeling funds into altcoins. Historically, Bitcoin’s dominance tends to decrease during altcoin bullish phases, hinting at a more diverse investment landscape. Recent inflow trends underscore this shift, with Bitcoin drawing $148 million in the past week but facing increasing competition from burgeoning altcoins.


In summary, the altcoin market appears poised for a notable uptrend, bolstered by technical indicators and shifting investment flows. As Bitcoin’s dominance potentially declines, a broader range of altcoins may gain prominence. Investors should stay informed of these market movements to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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