Argentine President Milei Advocates for Bitcoin Amid Currency Freedom Debate

  • Argentine President Javier Milei has recently sparked conversations regarding Bitcoin, emphasizing currency freedom within the nation.
  • His approach is met with both support and criticism within the Bitcoin community.
  • Milei’s stance contrasts with El Salvador’s singular focus on Bitcoin, aiming for a broader currency competition.

Argentine President Milei advocates for free currency competition, suggesting a supportive yet regulated environment for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Milei Reaffirms His Stance on Bitcoin

In a recent social media engagement, Argentine President Javier Milei reiterated his support for Bitcoin, drawing attention to the nation’s policy of free currency competition. The dialogue began with a casual greeting from Milei on X (formerly known as Twitter), which quickly spiraled into a discussion about Bitcoin’s role in Argentina’s economy. Gabor Gurbacs, founder of PointsVille and a strategist at Tether, responded to Milei’s tweet with a light-hearted comment, “Bitcoin a todos. :)”, prompting the president to elaborate further on his stance. Milei emphasized that Bitcoin, along with other units of value like WTI and BTU, would be permitted under a free currency competition framework, highlighting the functional currency method in accounting to ease concerns.

Support and Criticism from the Crypto Community

This stance by Milei was met with approval and reservations from the crypto community. Gurbacs acknowledged Milei’s position, noting that free competition is beneficial. However, some users pointed out regulatory challenges, such as the need to calculate capital gains for each Bitcoin transaction, which complicates its widespread use as a mainstream currency. Additionally, critics like Calibre Culture expressed disappointment that Milei was not adopting a more singular focus on Bitcoin, akin to El Salvador’s approach under President Nayib Bukele. Gabor Gurbacs maintained that free competition would suffice, countering arguments for an exclusive Bitcoin policy.

Diverging from El Salvador’s Bitcoin-Only Model

Misleading reports have recently circulated, suggesting that Milei plans to adopt Bitcoin as Argentina’s official currency. In reality, Milei’s administration has not proposed such a measure. Instead, Argentina’s economic policy under Milei emphasizes dollarization, while still showing support for the integration of cryptocurrencies within a regulated framework. Recent discussions with local regulators and representatives from El Salvador focused on self-custody rights and regulatory measures for crypto assets. These dialogues prioritize creating a balanced regulatory environment over adopting a Bitcoin standard.

Regulatory Prudence in Cryptocurrency Integration

Argentina is actively working to align its regulatory framework with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidelines. This includes implementing stringent regulations for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) to ensure a cautious and controlled integration of cryptocurrencies into the national economy. While President Milei’s pro-Bitcoin sentiments are clear, his policies advocate for broader economic freedom with a prudent regulatory approach. This comprehensive policy framework aims to balance innovation in the cryptocurrency space with economic stability and legal oversight.


President Javier Milei’s support for Bitcoin underscores Argentina’s commitment to currency competition and economic freedom. While his administration promotes a regulatory framework conducive to the use of cryptocurrencies, it does not aim to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender like El Salvador. By focusing on a balanced approach that includes stringent regulations and compliance with international guidelines, Argentina is positioning itself as a forward-thinking nation in the realm of digital currencies. This nuanced approach strives to foster innovation while maintaining economic stability.

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