Australia to Launch Its First Spot Bitcoin ETFs by Late 2024, Expanding Crypto Access

  • Australia’s ASX stock exchange is set to introduce its first spot bitcoin ETFs by the end of 2024.
  • VanEck, BetaShares, and DigitalX are among the notable firms applying for ETF licensure.
  • This move aligns with the broader Asia-Pacific trend towards integrating crypto into mainstream financial products.

This article covers the upcoming launch of spot bitcoin ETFs on Australia’s ASX, providing Australian investors with new opportunities in cryptocurrency investments.

ASX Gears Up for Bitcoin ETF Listings

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), handling about 80% of the equity trades in Australia, is preparing to list its inaugural batch of spot bitcoin ETFs. With a market capitalization of $2.7 trillion as of March, ASX is engaging multiple issuers interested in launching crypto asset-based ETFs. Notable firms such as VanEck, BetaShares, and DigitalX have already submitted their applications, signaling a significant shift towards crypto integration in Australian financial markets.

Expanding Cryptocurrency Offerings in Australia

Currently, Australian investors have limited options for trading spot bitcoin ETFs, with only the Global X 21Shares Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs available on the CBOE Australia. The introduction of additional spot bitcoin ETFs on ASX is expected to enhance the accessibility and variety of cryptocurrency investment options available to Australian investors, further integrating digital assets into the traditional financial landscape.

Impact on the Asia-Pacific Crypto Market

The upcoming ETFs are part of a larger movement in the Asia-Pacific region following the recent approval and anticipated listing of the first batch of spot bitcoin and ether ETFs in Hong Kong. This trend reflects a growing acceptance and institutionalization of cryptocurrency investments across Asia-Pacific, potentially influencing similar developments worldwide. Although these new funds are expected to be smaller in scale compared to their U.S. counterparts, their introduction marks a significant milestone for the regional crypto market.

Global Context and Investor Anticipation

The momentum for Bitcoin ETFs in Asia gained traction after their introduction in the U.S., where 11 spot bitcoin funds have collectively amassed $53.16 billion in total net assets. The anticipation of these ETFs in Australia is further heightened by speculations of high demand from Chinese investors, despite restrictions on investments from mainland China accessing these funds. Industry players like Matrixport speculate that the demand could reach up to $25 billion, indicating a strong interest in cryptocurrency investments in the region.


The launch of spot bitcoin ETFs by ASX by the end of 2024 represents a critical evolution in Australia’s financial offerings, reflecting the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into mainstream investment platforms. This development not only caters to the growing investor appetite for digital assets in Australia but also sets a precedent for other markets in the Asia-Pacific region, potentially ushering in a new era of global cryptocurrency investment strategies.

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