Binance Introduces New IO/USDT Margin Trading Pair with 50x Leverage

  • The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced the listing of a new trading pair for margin trades.
  • This development underscores Binance’s commitment to expanding its trading options and providing diverse opportunities for investors.
  • Notably, Binance will list IO.NET (IO) with a 93x surge, making it available for isolated and cross-margin trading starting at 17:00 today.

Discover the latest developments from Binance as IO.NET (IO) gets listed, offering new margin trading possibilities for investors.

Binance Announces New Margin Trading Pair

In an official statement made on June 11, Binance revealed the addition of IO.NET (IO) as a borrowable asset for both cross and isolated margin trades. This move follows IO.NET’s impressive 93x increase, making it a significant addition for traders. The IO/USDT trading pair will be available for margin trading, enabling users to explore more sophisticated trading strategies.

Enhanced Trading Opportunities with IO.NET Listing

Binance aims to provide its users with a broader array of trading options. By listing IO.NET for isolated and cross-margin trading, Binance empowers traders to leverage enhanced functionalities within the platform. The introduction of the IO/USDT pair specifically allows for increased flexibility and strategic positioning in the volatile crypto market. Such additions reflect Binance’s continuous efforts to cater to the evolving needs of the trading community while maintaining robust trading infrastructure.

Futures Trading Integration

Alongside the margin trading announcement, Binance has integrated IO.NET into futures trading with a maximum leverage of 50x. This integration will offer traders more avenues to capitalize on market movements, providing the potential for substantial gains. The futures listing further showcases Binance’s comprehensive approach to offering various trading instruments, ensuring that all trader profiles—from conservative to aggressive—find suitable trading options.

Implications for IO.NET Valuation

As per CoinGecko data, IO.NET is currently trading at $3.2. The listing on Binance is expected to boost its visibility and trading volume, potentially impacting its valuation positively. The inclusion in both margin and futures trading on a major exchange such as Binance is likely to attract significant interest from traders and investors, possibly leading to higher liquidity and price appreciation. Analysts will be keenly observing how IO.NET’s market dynamics evolve in response to these listings.


Binance’s move to list IO.NET in margin and futures trading underlines the platform’s strategy to enrich trading options for its users. This development offers traders new opportunities to engage with IO.NET through varied trading modalities, such as cross and isolated margin trades, as well as futures contracts with high leverage. As the market responds to these additions, IO.NET could see increased activity and potential price movements, enriching the crypto trading landscape. Investors should stay informed of further updates and consider these new opportunities in their trading strategies.

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