Bitcoin and Ether Impacted as Lykke Halts Trading Following $22M Hack

  • In a startling development, Lykke halts trading after a $22M hack, impacting Bitcoin and Ether among others, sparking major security concerns in the crypto community.
  • This event underscores the necessity for improved cybersecurity measures in the cryptocurrency sector.
  • A notable quote from Richard Olsen, CEO of Lykke, highlights efforts to reassure users about the safety of their funds.

A detailed look at Lykke’s $22M hack, its repercussions on the crypto market, and the urgent need for fortified security measures.

Crypto Exchange Lykke Halts Trading Amid $22M Suspected Hack

The UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, Lykke, has come under scrutiny after announcing a significant security breach that resulted in a staggering $22 million loss. This revelation came to light following investigations by SomaXBT, a well-known web investigator, and Taylor Monahan, a MetaMask developer who also analyzed the suspicious outflows.

Just days after indications of unauthorized access were noticed, Lykke halted all trading activities, triggering widespread disruptions and alarm within the crypto community.

Conversion of Ether to DAI Raises Eyebrows

One of the most concerning aspects of the hack is the swift conversion of the stolen Ether to DAI stablecoin. This tactic is commonly used by hackers to obscure transaction trails and launder stolen assets. Such moves emphasize the sophisticated methods employed by cybercriminals and challenge the current security frameworks of digital exchanges.

Reactions and Responses from Lykke

In response to the breach, Lykke promptly declared its platform under maintenance and reassured customers of the safety of their funds. Richard Olsen, the CEO of Lykke, communicated directly with clients, affirming the company’s commitment to investigating the breach thoroughly. He stated, “Your funds are safe because Lykke is a diversified business that has sufficient capital.”

Despite these assurances, many users reported seeing empty account balances, raising doubts about the effectiveness of Lykke’s security measures.

Broader Implications and Security Concerns

This incident is a stark reminder of the persistent vulnerabilities within the cryptocurrency industry. Just weeks prior, DMM Bitcoin reported a $320 million hack, highlighting the endemic security issues plaguing digital asset platforms. Additionally, UwU Lend, a DeFi platform, recently suffered a $19.3 million loss within minutes due to a similar breach. These consecutive incidents underline the critical need for enhanced security protocols across all levels of digital finance.


The recent $22 million hack of Lykke and other high-profile breaches serve as a wake-up call for the cryptocurrency industry. With increasing incidents of cyber-attacks, it is imperative for exchanges and DeFi platforms to invest in robust security measures to protect their assets and maintain user trust. Moving forward, comprehensive security reforms and continuous vigilance will be essential in fortifying the digital financial ecosystem against such threats.

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