Bitcoin Bull-Bear Cycle Indicator Declines, Signaling Reduced Market Bullishness

  • Recent on-chain data analysis indicates a decline in Bitcoin’s bullish momentum.
  • This assessment comes from the head of research at CryptoQuant, a notable analytics firm.
  • Key metrics and indicators suggest potential shifts in Bitcoin’s market trends.

Analysis reveals a cooling trend in Bitcoin’s bullish indicators, signaling potential market shifts.

Bitcoin Bull-Bear Market Cycle Indicator Shows Recent Decline

Julio Moreno, Head of Research at CryptoQuant, recently highlighted a decline in the Bitcoin Bull-Bear Market Cycle Indicator. This indicator is derived from the P&L Index, which is a composite valuation tool developed by CryptoQuant to gauge whether Bitcoin is under or overvalued.

The P&L Index and Its Implications

The P&L Index encompasses data from several well-known profit and loss metrics, namely the MVRV Ratio, NUPL, and SOPR. Historical patterns show significant market transitions when the P&L Index crosses its 365-day moving average (MA). When the index moves above the MA, it typically signals a bull market, and a move below suggests a bear market.

Recent Trends and Potential Impacts

The Bitcoin Bull-Bear Market Cycle Indicator has been monitoring the P&L Index’s deviation from its 365-day MA. A value above zero denotes a bull market, while a value below zero indicates a bear market. Recently, this indicator has shown a downward trend despite remaining above zero, suggesting a cooling off rather than an immediate market reversal. However, any further decline could potentially lead to a bearish phase.

Indicator Insights and Market Sentiment

The chart, depicting the indicator’s movement over the past year, showed a sharp rise during the last rally, reaching levels that hinted at an overheated bull market. Although the metric remains in bullish territory, its decline since means that while Bitcoin is still in a bull market, the intensity has lessened since reaching its all-time high.

Future Outlook

As Bitcoin’s bullish momentum diminishes to levels last seen in September 2023, the market’s future direction remains uncertain. While a cooling of the indicator isn’t necessarily negative, it could pave the way for renewed bullish momentum akin to what occurred previously. Only time will tell if the indicator will cross into negative territory, ushering in a bearish market phase.

BTC Price Trends

Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $61,600, experiencing a decline of over 5% in the past week. The coin’s price has been sliding recently, aligning with the reduced bullish sentiment as indicated by the decreasing Bull-Bear Market Cycle Indicator.


The cooling of Bitcoin’s bullish indicators could signify a stabilization phase, potentially followed by renewed upward momentum. Investors and market participants should monitor these indicators closely, as further declines could indicate a bearish shift, impacting overall market strategy and sentiment.

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