Bitcoin ETFs and Institutional Inflows Could Trigger Massive Bull Run, Predicts Analyst Lark Davis

  • Crypto analyst Lark Davis shared his insights, predicting that this bull run will be exceptionally significant.
  • He attributed the impending surge to the involvement of institutional investors and the demand for Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Davis emphasized the recent massive accumulation of Bitcoin by fund issuers and notable companies, providing a glimpse into the future potential of the crypto market.

Explore the reasons behind the anticipated massive bull run in the crypto markets, driven by institutional investments and market dynamics.

Anticipated ‘Face Melting’ Bull Run

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Lark Davis projected a monumental bull run, describing it as “face-melting.” He points to institutional investors as a pivotal factor distinguishing this cycle from previous ones. Notably, the demand for US Spot Bitcoin ETFs has led to daily inflows of hundreds of millions.

Davis highlighted that in just the past 18 days of trading, fund issuers have acquired 56,150 BTC, which equates to a supply exceeding four months’ worth of newly mined Bitcoin. This aggressive purchasing by institutions underscores the substantial interest and investment in Bitcoin.

Accumulation by Major Companies

Beyond fund issuers, prominent companies like MicroStrategy, Block, and Semler Scientific have been steadily increasing their Bitcoin holdings. Davis also suggests that wealth managers and pension funds globally are positioning themselves to invest in Bitcoin, indicating a broadening interest from traditional financial institutions.

Spot Ethereum ETFs and Their Market Impact

The discussion extends to Spot Ethereum ETFs, which are anticipated to attract significant investments once they begin trading. Projections from JPMorgan estimate these inflows could range from $1 billion to $3 billion, while K33 Research anticipates up to $4 billion within the first five months.

Prominent analysts like Michael Van de Poppe predict that the introduction of Spot Ethereum ETFs could catalyze the next altcoin season, potentially driving substantial price movements in Ethereum and other altcoins.

Other Catalysts for the Bullish Trend

Another analyst, Patric, identified additional elements that could further bolster the ongoing bull run. He pointed to the recent interest rate cuts by Canada and Europe’s Central Bank, suggesting that the US might follow this trend soon.

Patric also mentioned the commencement of the Fed’s treasury buyback program, which, coupled with interest rate reductions, could lead to quantitative easing (QE). This scenario is expected to enhance investor confidence in risk assets, including cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the political landscape, with the upcoming US Presidential election, could play a role in market movements.

For instance, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has expressed a pro-crypto stance, potentially boosting market sentiment. Standard Chartered Bank’s prediction that Bitcoin could reach $150,000 if Trump wins the election illustrates the impact of political developments on the crypto market.


The insights from analysts like Lark Davis and Patric paint a promising picture for the crypto market. The anticipated bull run, powered by institutional investments, market dynamics like Spot ETFs, and favorable macroeconomic conditions, suggests a fascinating period ahead for cryptocurrencies. Investors should stay informed and prepared to navigate the evolving market landscape.

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