Bitcoin Miners Offload BTC Reserves, Trigger Market Reaction Post-Halving Event

  • Bitcoin miners are offloading their reserves after nearly two months of revenue strain following the network’s fourth halving event.
  • Data from CryptoQuant shows that on June 9, miners sent 3,000 BTC (valued at about $207 million) to exchanges, marking a two-month high in such activities.
  • On June 10, Bitcoin’s price briefly corrected by 3% to $66,000, although it quickly recovered the next morning.

Bitcoin miners offload reserves following revenue squeeze post-halving, sending 3,000 BTC to exchanges in a notable move.

Miners Face Revenue Challenges Post-Halving

The recent halving event in April cut Bitcoin’s block rewards by 50%, causing significant revenue challenges for miners. As a result, many miners have started offloading their reserves. On June 9 alone, miners sent a two-month high of 3,000 BTC to exchanges, worth approximately $207 million. This spike in sales activity reportedly led to a brief 3% correction in Bitcoin’s price on June 10, though the asset recovered quickly the following morning.

Increased Over-the-Counter (OTC) Sales

CryptoQuant’s report highlights a significant spike in over-the-counter sales by miners. On June 10, the largest daily volume since late March was recorded, with miners selling 1,200 BTC, equivalent to around $83 million. This trend began to gain momentum earlier in the year, with the most recent activity being their highest since late March when 1,600 BTC were sold in a single day.

Reasons Behind the Sell-Off

The decision by miners to liquidate their reserves appears to be influenced by the combination of reduced block rewards and relatively low network fees. The post-halving revenue dip has forced even large mining firms to reassess their strategies. Marathon Digital Holdings, for example, sold 1,400 BTC in June, amounting to 8% of their total reserves, a significant increase from the 390 BTC sold in May. These actions reflect miners’ need to mitigate financial strain and capitalize on Bitcoin’s slow upward price movement since April.

Mining Difficulty and Revenue Equilibrium

According to CryptoQuant, miners were reportedly “extremely underpaid” in May but have seen some improvement by June, with revenue levels now considered “fair.” This assessment is based on comparing the 30-day percentage change in the US dollar value of the block reward to the 30-day change in mining difficulty. Notably, since the halving, Bitcoin’s total hash rate has decreased by only 4%, indicating that the network’s mining difficulty remains high even as the rewards have dropped significantly.

Market Performance of Mining Stocks

Interestingly, despite the challenges within the mining sector, many mining-related stocks have performed well post-halving. For instance, the Valkyrie Bitcoin Miner ETF (WGMI) has surged by 33% since the halving took place. This performance may suggest investor confidence in the long-term viability of efficient mining operations, even in the face of current revenue squeezes.


The recent wave of Bitcoin sell-offs by miners underscores the significant financial adjustments they are making in response to the halving event. While the immediate financial strain is evident, the overall resilience of mining firms, evidenced by stable hash rates and the rising performance of mining stocks, offers a more nuanced view of the sector’s future. As miners adapt to the new normal, their strategic sales and operational efficiencies will likely play pivotal roles in navigating the post-halving landscape.

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