Bitcoin Open Interest Remains High Despite Recent Price Drop and Surging Liquidations

  • In a surprising twist, Bitcoin’s open interest remains elevated despite a recent dip in its price.
  • This unusual trend indicates sustained investor confidence in Bitcoin, even amidst market turbulence.
  • Noteworthy is the sizable liquidations that have occurred, reflecting significant trading activity.

Discover the resilience of Bitcoin’s open interest amid a market downturn and the implications for investors.

Bitcoin Open Interest Stays Near Historic Highs Despite Price Drop

Over the past week, Bitcoin’s price has experienced a decline, moving from over $70,000 to below $66,000. Contrary to typical market behavior, where such a drop would result in reduced open interest, data from Coinglass reveals a different story.

Instead of a sharp decline, the open interest has maintained its levels, hovering near its all-time high. Earlier this month, Bitcoin’s open interest hit a peak of $36.87 billion on June 6. Currently, the open interest stands at $33.84 billion.

This modest 10% decline in open interest, equating to a $3 billion loss, indicates that investors still maintain strong positions in Bitcoin. Open interest, representing the total number of outstanding futures and options contracts for an asset, usually reflects trader sentiment. The sustained high levels suggest a continued commitment to Bitcoin trading.

Factors Influencing Elevated Open Interest

The resilience in open interest could be attributed to several factors. Market participants might be anticipating a potential recovery or hedging against further volatility. Additionally, institutional interest and increased adoption of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class might be contributing to this trend.

Impact of Bitcoin Price Crash on Liquidations

The recent price crash of Bitcoin has triggered significant liquidations, severely affecting traders. Coinglass data indicates that approximately 44,000 traders faced liquidations in the last 24 hours, amounting to a total of $111 million.

Bitcoin led the way with over $30 million in liquidated positions. Ethereum followed closely with $22.65 million liquidated. Other notable cryptocurrencies, such as Solana and PEPE, saw liquidations of $6.34 million and $3.76 million respectively.

Distribution and Impact of Liquidations

Interestingly, the distribution of liquidations is nearly balanced with 50.93% being short positions. However, with the price rebound, short positions have suffered more recently, accounting for 71.29% of liquidations in the past hour.

The most significant individual liquidation event occurred on the Bybit exchange, where a BTCUSD trader lost $8.09 million. The majority of these liquidations, totaling $80 million, happened within the recent 24-hour window.


The sustained high levels of Bitcoin open interest, even in the face of a price decline, signal confidence among traders and investors. The substantial liquidations highlight the volatile nature of the market and the risks involved. Moving forward, market participants should closely monitor these dynamics to navigate the ongoing uncertainties in the cryptocurrency arena.

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