Bitcoin Prices Correlate with CPI Ahead of Fed Rate Decision

  • Crypto traders and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the Federal Reserve’s policy decision on interest rates set for Wednesday, June 12.
  • Despite recent strong jobs data for May, the consensus is that the Federal Reserve will likely hold interest rates steady this week.
  • The central bank is expected to maintain the current interest rates in the range of 5.25% to 5.5%, marking the seventh meeting in a row with no changes.

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the upcoming Federal Reserve policy decision, its possible impact on the crypto market, and the economic indicators to watch this week.

Economic Calendar for June 10-14

The week of June 10-14 is packed with crucial economic events, starting with core CPI (consumer price index) reports on June 12. This index is a pivotal measure of inflation, significantly influencing the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies, including interest rate settings.

CPI Data and Its Influence on the Fed

The year-on-year CPI figure is projected to stabilize at 3.4%. A higher CPI usually compels the Federal Reserve to either raise interest rates or maintain the current levels to control inflation. However, a consistent CPI suggests a status quo for this week’s interest rates. Historically, an elevated CPI has resulted in bearish trends for Bitcoin, while a lower-than-anticipated CPI has been bullish.

Upcoming Key Events Impacting the Market

This week features several noteworthy economic reports:

1. OPEC Monthly Report – Tuesday

2. May CPI Inflation data – Wednesday

3. Fed Interest Rate Decision – Wednesday

4. Fed Press Conference – Wednesday

5. May PPI Inflation data – Thursday

6. MI Consumer Sentiment data – Friday

Thursday, June 13, will spotlight the core PPI (producer price index) reports. This index is critical for observing the changes in selling prices by domestic producers over time and serves as a supplementary inflation measure for the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions.

Economic Forecasts and Analyst Perspectives

Some analysts predict that the first rate cut might occur at the Federal Reserve’s September meeting, which is the last session before the presidential elections in November. Ryan Sweet, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, suggests, “The Fed is biding its time, waiting for a series of data that consistently points towards reaching its 2% inflation target.” Additionally, Bank of America economists believe, “The Federal Reserve should forecast two rate cuts this year, initiating from September.”

Crypto Market Reactions

The anticipated Fed decision appears to be already integrated into cryptocurrency market expectations, with the prevailing belief that the Fed will leave rates unchanged. Nevertheless, some mid-week volatility could materialize, though Bitcoin’s dominance might keep altcoins under pressure, stifling the potential for an altseason in the near term.

Market Sentiment and Outlook

Crypto trader known as ‘Emperor’ shared his views on the current market landscape with his 390,000 followers on X. He expressed, “The market is in a confusing state. On one hand, we expect rate cuts from the Fed which could stimulate market growth. On the other hand, we have concerns over celebrity scams which might point to a market top.” Despite these mixed signals, traders are closely watching the 67-68K region for potential indicators of market direction.


In conclusion, this week will be pivotal for both traditional and crypto markets as traders and investors digest key economic data and the Federal Reserve’s policy pronouncements. The stability of interest rates coupled with consistent inflation measures suggests a cautious yet watchful market environment. Readers are advised to remain updated with mid-week economic releases and prepare for potential market fluctuations.

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