Bitcoin Whales Accumulate 7,130 BTC As Market Sentiment Wavers

  • Institutional investors are increasing their Bitcoin holdings, according to a recent report by IntoTheBlock.
  • This trend is significant given the broader market dynamics and ongoing volatility.
  • A notable surge has been observed in large wallet inflows, illustrating growing confidence among major investors.

Bitcoin whales are accumulating BTC, signaling potential optimism in the market despite the current bearish trends.

Institutional Accumulation of Bitcoin by 7,130 BTC

Recent data indicates that investors with control over significant portions of Bitcoin, accounting for at least 0.1% of the total supply, have increased their holdings by 7,130 BTC in just one day. This addition equates to roughly $436 million.

Analysis by IntoTheBlock shows that Bitcoin Large Holders Netflow was relatively stable over recent weeks, reflecting a balance of deposits and withdrawals. However, on June 24th, a sharp increase in net inflows occurred as Bitcoin’s price momentarily fell below $60,000.

This trend of accumulating during price dips demonstrates the confidence that large-scale investors have in Bitcoin’s long-term prospects, despite current market pressures.

Potential Indicators of Bitcoin’s Local Bottom

Market data suggests that Bitcoin may have reached a local bottom following a roughly 15% correction over the last three weeks. This sentiment is supported by trends noticed on June 24th, when Bitcoin’s price experienced a marked drop.

Notably, the futures market experienced a $3 billion decrease in open interest, largely due to long position liquidations. Concurrently, funding rates for perpetual contracts have approached zero, suggesting a healthier and more balanced market structure.

In addition, Bitcoin’s realized price for short-term holders has fallen below $62.6k, indicating a minor negative profitability for this group. Historically, such levels have often acted as support during temporary price corrections in longer-term uptrends.

Several external factors are also influencing BTC’s price, including US macroeconomic data and uncertainties related to the American monetary policy. Upcoming data releases, such as GDP and jobless claims on Thursday and inflation figures on Friday, are likely to further impact market sentiment in the near term.

“The current market structure presents opportunities for a potential local bottom.”


The recent accumulation of Bitcoin by major investors amidst market volatility highlights a strong belief in its future value. Despite short-term fluctuations, the strategic actions by institutional holders signal a potential local bottom, supported by balanced market metrics and historical precedents. Watching for key economic indicators in the coming weeks will be essential for predicting near-term price movements.

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