Notcoin (NOT) Set for Potential 100% Price Surge amid Major Token Burn Event

  • Notcoin (NOT) is making strides in the gaming ecosystem, buoying its price, and potentially attracting a wider user base.
  • Crypto analyst Yashu Gola predicts a significant upward movement for NOT in the coming weeks.
  • Fiery Trading offers an optimistic outlook on Cardano (ADA), suggesting that it might reach unprecedented price levels.

Discover the potential price surge of Notcoin (NOT) and a bold prediction for Cardano (ADA), as we delve into technical analyses and market strategies in the ever-evolving crypto space.

NOT Token Poised for Potential Price Surge

Notcoin (NOT) has garnered attention with its recent strategic maneuvers aimed at bolstering its presence in the gaming ecosystem. On June 25th, the team successfully executed a major token burn, eliminating $3 million worth of 210 million NOT tokens from circulation. This move significantly influenced market sentiment, propelling the altcoin’s price by 16.40%, reaching up to $0.0164. Technical analysis reveals that NOT’s ongoing rally might be the beginning of a larger recovery tied to its descending wedge formation on the price chart.

Analyzing NOT’s Technical Indicators: A 100% Upside Potential

The descending wedge is identified as a bullish reversal pattern, characterized by two converging, downward-sloping trend lines. Typically, the price breaks above the upper trend line and surges by the same distance as the widest part of the wedge. Applying these principles to NOT’s scenario, the upward target for July ranges between $0.023 and $0.031, translating to a 45-100% potential increase from current levels.

Fiery Trading’s Bold Prediction for Cardano (ADA)

Fiery Trading’s recent analysis has shed light on Cardano (ADA), projecting a potential sky-high target of $40. The analyst points out that ADA must continue its current trajectory within the trading channel to reach this ambitious milestone. However, such a surge is contingent on the prevailing market climate, particularly during a bull market phase.

Current Market Dynamics and Price Evaluation for ADA

Despite recognizing the lofty nature of this target, Fiery Trading underscores the current opportunity for entry given the relatively lower value. Should ADA follow this forecast, it would mean surpassing its all-time high of $3.10 by 13 times, which translates to a remarkable return on investment. With a total supply of approximately 36.99 billion and 79% in circulation, the potential rise to $40 would push ADA’s market capitalization to a staggering $1.42 trillion, potentially surpassing Bitcoin’s market cap.


Both Notcoin and Cardano showcase notable bullish potential based on their recent developments and technical forecasts. While NOT could see a substantial rise due to its strategic token burn and favorable chart patterns, ADA’s projected ascent to $40 hinges on a broader market recovery. As always, conducting thorough research and consideration of market conditions remain critical for investors navigating these dynamic landscapes.

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