Bitcoin’s Elusive $100k Target: Expert Insights on Stalling Factors

  • Bitcoin remains at the forefront of the cryptocurrency market.
  • However, despite notable advancements such as the launch of spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), its anticipated leap to $100,000 has yet to materialize.
  • Charles Edwards, founder of Capriole Investments, discussed on social media platform X why Bitcoin is yet to hit this key price level.

Explore the factors keeping Bitcoin’s price below $100,000 despite market optimism and ETF launches. Gain insights from financial experts on the underlying challenges and the potential outlook.

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Struggles to Surpass $100,000

Edwards highlights that one critical issue is the liquidation by long-term Bitcoin holders. Data reveals that the percentage of Bitcoin wallets holding for over two years has dropped from an all-time high of 57% in December 2023 to 54%.

Although a 3% decrease might not seem substantial, it translates to roughly 630,000 BTC—an immense volume compared to the amount acquired by US Bitcoin ETFs since the start of the year. This sell-off by seasoned investors is exerting downward price pressure.

Furthermore, the market hasn’t fully absorbed the effects of Bitcoin’s halving event in April, which slashed the daily issuance of Bitcoin by 50%.

The Impact of Bitcoin’s Halving Event

As Edwards pointed out, the full ramifications of the halving event are yet to be realized. With daily Bitcoin issuance halved, he expects the discrepancy between ETF purchases and newly mined Bitcoin to expand dramatically over the coming year. This adjustment period is crucial for financial institutions to adapt and lead in Bitcoin acquisitions.

Overall, Edwards suggests three pivotal factors necessary for Bitcoin’s price to surge: increased ETF purchases, reduced selling by long-term holders, and enhanced U.S. market liquidity.

Slow BTC Price Movement Amid Record ETF Inflows

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $71,926, showcasing minimal movement without notable price increases over the past 24 hours, despite a 4.9% rise in the past week.

Experts like Edwards have provided insights into why Bitcoin hasn’t achieved the $100,000 mark. Conversely, other analysts are evaluating why substantial inflows into spot BTC ETFs haven’t resulted in a significant price surge.

Complex Market Dynamics Affecting Bitcoin’s Price

Seasoned crypto trader Christopher Inks emphasizes that the Bitcoin market is influenced by a complex mixture of spot trading, futures, options, and ETFs. He notes that focusing solely on ETF activities doesn’t offer a complete understanding of market dynamics. Responding to a query on X about the stagnant Bitcoin price despite significant ETF purchases, Inks stated, “Remember, the market is a combination of spot, futures, ETFs, and options. The price at any given moment reflects all these elements, not just one.”

Market Equilibrium and ETF Influence

Financial discussions highlight the intricate nature of the Bitcoin market. Analyst Eric Balchunas points out that the lack of price movement, despite ETF purchases, might be due to Bitcoin holders selling their holdings, thereby balancing the buying pressure from ETFs.

Adding to this, expert Jimie suggests that while ETFs add to market activity, they represent only a fraction of total Bitcoin circulation. With most Bitcoin held by “whales,” their trading activities can outweigh ETF influence, maintaining market equilibrium despite heavy ETF buying.


In summary, Bitcoin’s journey to $100,000 faces significant hurdles, including long-term holder sell-offs, delayed impacts from the halving event, and complex market dynamics. While ETFs remain crucial, their influence is nuanced by broader market activities. The future outlook suggests that increased ETF consumption, reduced holders’ selling, and improved market liquidity are essential for Bitcoin to achieve new price heights.

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