Polygon [MATIC] Faces Bearish Pressure: Key Levels to Watch for Potential Breakout

  • Polygon’s recent market performance remains unpredictable despite overall bullish sentiment.
  • MATIC traders might find a buying opportunity if prices revisit mid-range levels.
  • Despite broader market gains, Polygon is still trading within a restrictive two-month range.

Explore the latest developments, market trends, and potential movements in Polygon [MATIC] in our comprehensive crypto news article.

Price Consolidation amid Market Positivity

Polygon (MATIC) continues to grapple with bearish tendencies even as the broader cryptocurrency market exhibits positive momentum. The price remains stuck in a two-month range, unable to capitalize on the favorable market conditions sparked by Bitcoin’s [BTC] climb above the $70k threshold.

Short-Term Opportunities for Traders

In early March, MATIC managed to flip the $1 level into a support zone. However, this bullish stance was short-lived as subsequent market actions saw the altcoin plummet to $0.6, a level lower than its January bottom of $0.69. The outlined range from $0.75 to $0.62 is still intact, highlighting the importance of the $0.685 mid-range level. If this support holds during a retest, it could offer a strategic entry point for buyers.

Chart Analysis Indicates Potential Resistance Ahead

The clustering of long liquidation levels around $0.8 and $0.762 suggests that breaking out of this range won’t be straightforward. Despite currently trading within tight confines, MATIC’s potential breakout might prove fleeting due to these established liquidity pockets.

Investors Should Approach With Caution

Given the market’s intricate resistance zones, traders need to navigate these waters carefully. Treating the $0.75-$0.8 zone as significant resistance could inform strategic positioning, potentially averting unexpected reversals. While the OBV needs to surpass its recent highs for a confirmed bullish breakout, investors should remain cautious.


The current analysis underscores the complex market dynamics facing Polygon (MATIC). Despite broader market optimism, MATIC’s persistent range-bound trading necessitates cautious strategies. By recognizing key support and resistance levels and understanding liquidity traps, traders can better navigate the market’s uncertainties. Moving forward, close monitoring of price actions and market indicators will be crucial for making informed trading decisions.

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