Bitget Wallet Launches BWB Token on Bitget Launchpad: Key Details and Benefits

  • Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has announced the launch of its Bitget Wallet BWB token on its Launchpad.
  • The BWB token sale will take place from June 1 to June 6, 2024, and will be listed on the Bitget spot market on June 6, 2024, at 15:00 (TSI).
  • Bitget Launchpad enables users to participate in funding promising new projects and earn tokens in return.

Learn about the latest development in the Web3 ecosystem as Bitget announces the launch of the BWB token, a pivotal asset in their decentralized future plans.

Introducing the BWB Token on Bitget Launchpad

Bitget has rolled out its internal token BWB on the Bitget Launchpad, offering unique opportunities for its user base. The BWB token will be available for sale between June 1 and 6, 2024, with official listing slated for June 6, 2024, on Bitget’s spot market. This strategic launch is aimed at integrating BWB into the expansive Bitget Wallet ecosystem, enhancing user engagement and interaction within the Web3 framework. Bitget Launchpad is renowned for facilitating user participation in innovative project funding, thus allowing users to receive tokens as an incentive.

Bitget Wallet’s Role in the Web3 Ecosystem

More than just a digital wallet, Bitget Wallet serves as a gateway to a comprehensive decentralized ecosystem. According to their 2024 roadmap, Bitget unveiled the visionary Bitget On-chain Layer, which aims to be both an extension and the future of the Web3-centric Bitget ecosystem. The wallet allows seamless access to diverse Web3 financial services and employs modular Dapps (MFDs) for efficient integration of on-chain and off-chain resources.

Key Features and Benefits of BWB Token

The BWB token offers extensive usability within the Bitget ecosystem, empowering users with a variety of features. It facilitates community governance, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making processes. Additionally, users can stake their BWB tokens to earn rewards, thereby enhancing their overall returns. With the upcoming launch of the Account Abstraction (AA) wallet, BWB will also be essential for paying gas fees across multiple chains. Moreover, BWB holders gain access to Bitget Wallet’s Launchpad, Launchpool, and Airdrop events, further benefiting from projects built on the Bitget On-chain Layer.

Commitment and Allocation of BWB Tokens

During the subscription period for BWB on the Bitget Launchpad, users can commit Bitget’s native token BGB to participate in the sale. The swapping price of BGB will be revealed after the asset calculation period concludes. Post the closure of the commitment period, BWB tokens will be allocated to users based on their committed BGB amounts. This approach ensures an equitable distribution and engagement in the growth of the Bitget ecosystem.


In summary, the introduction of BWB token on Bitget Launchpad marks a significant milestone in the Bitget ecosystem. Positioned to be a cornerstone within the Web3 space, BWB token integrates multifaceted functionalities ranging from governance to staking rewards and cross-chain fee payments. As Bitget continues to evolve and innovate, the BWB token’s role is poised to expand, fostering increased value and recognition. Investors and users alike are encouraged to explore this new opportunity to be part of Bitget’s decentralized future.

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